Do You Have a Digital Mindset?

It’s no secret… when you increase collaboration, you improve productivity and employee engagement. But how you do enable a digital workplace?

Define the digital workplace

For starters, what is a digital workplace?  According to Deloitte, the digital workplace can best be considered the natural evolution of the workplace. Comprised of your employees’ technology working environment. The digital workplace encompasses all the technologies people use to get work done in today’s workplace,

Embrace the evolution

In the modern workplace, traditional boardrooms are being replaced by more flexible, dynamic workspaces as corporations recognize that the speed and complexity at which business is conducted is increasing. A new generation of employees, working in dispersed locations and already digitally sophisticated, are in need of the right tools in which to engage with essential information, in a newly energized way, enabling them to get work done better and faster.

The time is now!

Consider the benefits of a digital workplace – according to Deloitte:

  1. Attracting talent. 64% of employees would choose a lower paying job if they could work away from the office
  2. Employee productivity. Organizations with strong online social networks are 7% more productive compared to organizations without
  3. Employee satisfaction. Organizations that rolled out and installed social media tools internally found that there was a 20% increase in employee satisfaction.
  4. Retention of employees. When employee engagement goes up, there is a corresponding increase in employee retention of up to 78%.
  5. Communication and collaboration tools. Present day workers prefer newer communication and collaboration tools specifically instant messaging as compared to “traditional” tools like e-mail.

Where to Begin with Digital Transformation

Set Realistic Expectations. Right up front, there are some important expectations to set: Digital transformation isn’t easy. While it would be nice to flip a switch and magically transform into a digitally-driven organization, the reality is it’s not simple. Innovation requires a range of projects, projects that include optimizing core business operations, bringing on new technologies and creating new customer experiences. To accomplish these monumental tasks requires an overarching strategy comprised of many prioritized projects, and loads of patience.

IT and business alignment is a must. The impact of digital disruption is driving significant IT and business-level changes. This includes platforms and architectures, as well as budget and development priorities. As a result, it’s imperative that the business and IT be tightly aligned in this journey, and from this alignment will come the strategy required for real success.

Don’t forget the people at the center of digital transformation.Digital transformation is more than a technology initiative. You can’t forget about the roles that company culture and processes play. This will need to be addressed with clear communication of the vision, collaborative planning, change management, process development and adoption strategy.

Develop a digital workplace strategy. Align your digital workplace strategy with clearly-defined business objectives and technology priorities. Seek to understand what you want to accomplish with your digital workplace initiative and how it will deliver business values

Select your tools and technologies.Choose the right technologies to deliver a cohesive digital workplace that meets your specific business needs. Pick the tools that drive collaboration and employee engagement.

Keep security front and center. As critical systems and business processes become modernized, it also opens the door to risk. The same power that enables these technologies to radically transform business processes also brings the potential to cause gaps in security and loss of information if not properly secured. Security posture assessments should be a critical part of any digital workplace initiative.

The business case for a digital workplace is clearer than ever –. The OneNeck IT Solutions team of experts can provide real value on projects ranging from technology deployments to full ecosystem design, implementation and management. We will provide you with independent, unbiased evaluations and recommendations with an eye toward future-proofing to ensure the technology you implement today doesn’t limit your organization tomorrow. Contact us today!

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