The Data Onslaught with Digital Transformation

The importance of data in not only business but our day-to-day lives continues to grow – no one is arguing that. But the pace at which it’s growing is mind-blowing. In a recent study sponsored by Seagate Technology, IDC forecasted that the global data sphere will grow to 163ZB by 2025. Considering that today it’s 16.3ZB, that’s almost tenfold what it is today, making this prediction significant.

As a consumer, data continues to bring huge benefits to our lives, from more personalized experiences with businesses, smart devices that deliver real-time stats or even in the prevention of crime, just to name a few. Data is making our lives easier. But what about in business?

In recent IDC white paper sponsored by Dell EMC and Intel (Emerging Technology and Modern IT: The Key to Unlocking Your Data Capital), they stated that, “The influx of data presents both a challenge and an opportunity for organizations. Some organizations will flourish and turn the influx of data into competitive differentiation. Others will be overwhelmed in a struggle to collect, cleanse, and protect data and will miss out on opportunities to innovate and improve.”

So, how can you ensure that your organization thrives and doesn’t merely survive the explosion of data?

In this report, IDC studied the behaviors, strategies and outcomes of organizations that they called the “Thrivers.” These companies experienced incredible results by embracing automation and shifting to data-driven decisions. Here were some of the results…

Thrivers vs Survivors

Turning Data into Insight is Hard

But, in an effort to keep it real, they do acknowledge in the report that taking data and turning it into actionable insight is complex. But it’s organizations that prioritize operationalizing data, accelerating innovation and focusing on customer engagement that glean the most from their data. And the focus on these priorities is leading to a new vision for data center resources, where “the data center is not a single building where IT infrastructure lives,” but these Thrivers recognize “the need to embrace multiple IT service delivery models and diverse data center resources to meet the need for IT service delivery and data aggregation across core and edge spaces.”

The report goes on to outline that this new way of seeing modern IT service delivery means that IT must…

  • Put hyper-focus on security
  • Reduce management complexity
  • Prepare the infrastructure for the data deluge
  • Utilize both on-prem and cloud infrastructure

IDC points out though that the number one characteristic of the Thrivers is that “they understand the interconnected nature of emerging technologies and are developing expertise that complements their broad efforts to implement them.”

At OneNeck, we see this more and more with our customers, where no one IT initiative should stand alone. Gone are the days that a business owner solves one problem at a time, choosing the individual product or service for the specific task or need, without considering how it relates to a complex ecosystem of technologies across the business. Complexity and incompatibility are the result of siloed projects, breaking down processes and decreasing productivity. It’s critical that a big-picture approach is used to ensure long-term success.

It’s an exciting time for businesses. Never before have we had the opportunities to embrace data, adapt in real-time to the insights it brings and reap huge rewards. But it requires an open mind and willingness to recognize the opportunities and alter course if need be. But with the right plan and corresponding technology, you can thrive in a sea of data.

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