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By now, you’ve heard them all… “We have the brightest minds in the business.” “You need our expertise.” “Our bench has the most certifications in the industry.”

…none of which mean anything in the context of the day-to-day to-do list that any given IT department faces.

Which is why, in an attempt to get real, we’ve launched a different approach to the OneNeck brand.

Like any organization seeking to better define their messaging, we reviewed what our competitors are saying, so we could get a big-picture understanding of the market. And what we found was a lot of the same – a lot of messaging that focused inward (“our expertise”) and started with the technology (“buy X for the fastest speeds around”).

We then went to our employees, to understand how they work day-to-day with our customers and how they perceived OneNeck’s value. This entailed hours of listening, striving to understand where they interact with our customers and the challenges that our customers are seeking to solve with our help.

And finally, we went straight to the source – the most important source for realistic feedback – our customers. And what we found was actually quite simple.

Today’s IT leaders are struggling with…

  • Balancing long-term strategy vs. day-to-day
  • Hiring and retaining talent
  • Prioritizing budget
  • Constantly changing technology

These are their persistent challenges, and if OneNeck can help with any one of these, we can be a partner that brings real value. Hence our new tagline.

We Got Your BackKeep Moving Forward. We Got Your Back.

It’s not about us, but you, our customer. And if we can help as your trusted partner to enable you to focus on the innovation that you’re driving, we’ve done our job.

Want to learn more about how the OneNeck brand is evolving beyond technology? Check out this recent article from 451 Research.

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