4 Reasons Companies Need Managed Threat Detection

The cyber threats that organizations face today have evolved beyond the computer viruses of decades past. Attacks are more sophisticated, well-planned and stealthy than ever. Organizations must stay alert and be ready to deal with cyber threats anytime and anywhere, with a strong response plan for what is, these days, inevitable.

What is Managed Threat Detection?

Managed threat detection and response (MDR) is an outsourced security solution that monitors for threats to ensure fast response and remediation of security incidents. Managed detection can address today’s common threats, such as ransomware, denial of service (DoS) attacks, phishing and attacks that blend two or more threats.

The Challenges of Managing Threat Detection

One of the reasons cyberattacks are so hard to defend against is that as organizations evolve, so do attackers. For every advance in security, attackers come up with a new way to get around it. IT teams can face these additional challenges in managing threat detection:

  • Too many alerts. As security technology grows more sophisticated, it also has more false alarms, making it a constant struggle to determine which threats are real, and which are just noise.
  • Not enough skilled staff. Many organizations are short-staffed already and don’t have the cybersecurity expertise needed to implement and run managed detection in their environment.
  • Too many endpoints. Between office and remote workers, networks today have more geographically dispersed endpoints, resulting in a larger attack surface — and more stuff to protect.
  • A growing number of threats. Worldwide cyberattacks were up 38% in 2022 compared to the previous year. Many of them targeted collaboration tools used by remote workers.
  • Disconnected tools. When an organization’s security tools are pieced together from different vendors, they may not work well together to enable a cohesive response.

As organizations grow, keeping up with these challenges will only get more complex, taking time and resources away from other business priorities.

4 Reasons Businesses Partner with Managed Detection Providers.

One of the best ways to stay on top of cyber threats is to partner with a managed detection provider. Managed detection providers are specialists with the expertise and resources to focus on advanced threat protection to keep your organization’s devices and data safe from breaches. Here are four reasons why you should partner with a managed detection provider:

1.   Save time and resources

To stay on top of the latest emerging threats, you need a comprehensive suite of the latest security tools and the time to configure and monitor them. However, the cost of investing in those tools, as well as setting them up and monitoring them, is beyond many organizations’ reach. It’s far more cost effective to work with a managed detection provider who already has the technology and monitoring capabilities and the skilled staff to keep your environment safe.

2.   Leverage industry experience and expertise

Even with the latest security tools, you and your team need to keep your finger on the pulse of new threat actors, attack vectors and attack techniques. When you engage a provider that works with a diverse range of problems in your industry, you get access to their real-world experience. Their trained staff also keeps a close eye on new and unexpected developments in cyber threats so you know what might be coming before it hits you.

3.   Gut-check your cybersecurity strategy

The threat landscape evolves so rapidly that yesterday’s strategy might not work against today’s attacks. In addition, it is difficult to address every potential threat vector with a third party to check your work. Working with a managed detection provider who is experienced in security strategies ensures that you’ve cemented every crack in your security posture to keep your network and devices safe.

4.   Gain support amid cybersecurity talent shortages

With a reported 700,000 cybersecurity positions unfilled in 2022, you may not be able to hire the staff you need to manage cyber detection and response at your organization. Outsourcing to a managed detection provider that already has a full staff greatly eases the burden and cost of recruiting, hiring and training in a very competitive market.

Modern Businesses Need Managed Threat Detection

No organization is too small to be immune to a security attack. Cybersecurity should be at the top of everyone’s priority list. But for many organizations, lack of staff or budget pushes security farther down the list, leaving their environment vulnerable to attack.

Fortunately, there’s a solution: Experts who continually monitor your environment, with access to the latest research and analytics, who are ready to respond when threats arise.

OneNeck IT Solutions has partnered with Fortra’s Alert Logic to bring you round-the-clock managed detection and response services. Our security experts, along with the award-winning security platform from Fortra’s Alert Logic, collect and analyze real-time data to assess and mitigate every threat, any time of the day and night.

Are you ready to learn more about how OneNeck and Fortra’s Alert Logic can provide you with next-level managed detection and response services? Read more about managed detection here.

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