Stay Ahead of Threats with Managed Detection & Response

We live in an age when passive security isn’t enough to protect company infrastructure. Security solutions must seek out and respond to unknown threats. Managed detection and response (MDR) provides companies with the security capabilities they need for the modern era.

MDR is an outsourced cybersecurity solution that seeks out and remediates threats that standard security controls miss. There are two factors that make MDR services a must-have for organizations. One is the lack of available cybersecurity talent. According to the annual Cybersecurity Workforce Study by ISC, there were 2.7 million unfilled cybersecurity positions in 2021. The second factor is the abundance of collected data at the enterprise level and the need to protect it.

With that in mind, we’ll dive into the challenges MDR solves and the benefits of implementing it in your business.

Seek and Destroy Security Threats With Managed Detection and Response

New technology can make your business more agile, profitable, and capable. However, it can also make security increasingly complex. Since companies need new technologies to thrive, it’s essential to keep security robust enough to handle the change. Consider five challenges managed detection and response addresses.

  1. Lack of cybersecurity talent. MDR counters the talent shortage by providing businesses with access to a fully-trained team of security experts. The outsourced organization handles talent acquisition and training. Thus, organizations get an instant injection of cybersecurity expertise.
  2. Alert fatigue. Teams are often inundated with security alerts. The sheer volume of alerts makes it difficult to sift through the noise and find malicious threats. MDR lightens the load by using active scanning technology to detect and analyze threats automatically.
  3. Protect against lateral movement. Once a bad actor gains access to your system, they’ll attempt to move deeper into your network and increase their control. MDR can detect this activity and limit the impact an attack has on your system.
  4. An increasing number of endpoints. The amount of devices your organization has to protect continues to increase. From edge devices to remote work hardware, your organization needs a holistic approach to security. MDR uses a network intrusion detection system (NIDS) which employs signature-based behavioral analysis to filter through millions of connections. The NIDS then passes on the threats that need further inspection to the MDR team.
  5. Access to advanced security technology. An MDR firm uses machine learning and AI technology to analyze and sift through massive amounts of data. This advanced technology is expensive and may be beyond the reach of many organizations. However, when working with an MDR firm, you get access to the advanced toolsets of a dedicated security company.

To sum up, managed detection and response gives teams of all sizes the security expertise and technology needed to protect against modern threats.

Leverage Partner Expertise for Enhanced Security

Leverage a mature security team with lots of talent.The security landscape continues to become more complex. Increasingly sophisticated attacks, more endpoints to protect, and talent shortages require innovative security solutions. You need cost-effective solutions that can detect intrusions, malware, and other malicious activity — helping you take rapid action to eliminate or limit the damage.

Finding technology partners to power your applications and protect your data is challenging. OneNeck provides services for your security needs, including MDR, endpoint protection, backup, disaster recovery, and more. For MDR, we partner with Alert Logic to provide you with advanced threat protection.

Here are four benefits you get from this strategic partnership:

  1. Centralized platform. Alert Logic’s platform covers all of your workloads, wherever they may be. Everything is managed from a single location in the cloud.
  2. Threat and response expertise. Work with a team of security researchers, data scientists, and engineers who have years of experience analyzing security threats.
  3. 24/7 monitoring. Your network is being monitored constantly, and OneNeck security experts are alerted within 15 minutes of any critical incident.
  4. Large talent pool. Alert Logic has 150 SOC analysts who partner with OneNeck’s security team to provide you with comprehensive coverage.

Our team helps manage security so you can focus on providing the best service to your customers. Through strategic partnerships, we ensure there are no gaps in your coverage. We have the experience to implement technology solutions for organizations of all sizes. Talk to our team about how you can implement MDR in your business today.

Want to learn more about MDR’s critical role in your cybersecurity strategy?  Check out the MDR Resource Library.

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