4 Successful Digital Transformation Case Studies

Whether you’re in the C-Suite or the IT department, digital transformation is a topic no company can ignore. However, finding the best way to implement change within your organization can be daunting, and garnering support at all levels is no small task.

To help, we’ve compiled four IT success stories from across a variety of industries. The one thing these case studies have in common? The organizations understood the importance of digital transformation and the need for an experienced IT solutions provider.

City of Minneapolis

1. IT Transformation Driving Real Results for a Booming City

The Challenge:

The City of Minneapolis was in need of a new IT partner and a wide variety of services. Because of its aging infrastructure, the city was looking for a provider offering cloud and managed services that included server, storage, network, security, database, OS and data protection services. With such a long list, sensitive data and only 10 months to do it, they knew they needed someone with experience that they could trust.

Our Solution:

The City of Minneapolis partnered with OneNeck because of the flexible support they knew they would receive from start to finish. This massive project was completed within the tight timeframe despite a few hiccups along the way. For example, OneNeck quickly learned that to implement the Criminal Justice Information System, the entire Operational Support team of more than 100 professionals would have to undergo the city’s security clearance screenings. While this would take additional time and resources, both teams knew it was an imperative step in completing the full transformation. Challenges aside, both the City of Minneapolis and OneNeck actively engaged with open lines of communication as they updated the IT environment and migrated data and workloads to the cloud. The city expects to save more than $3 million annually with OneNeck’s support and has plans to implement new upgrades in the future.


2. Legacy Hardware Ate Up Data and Dollars

The Challenge:

Famous Dave’s was in need of an upgrade. The restaurant, which includes more than 150 locations nationwide, still relied on a legacy system that was draining both time and financial resources. As the hardware was reaching end of life, Famous Dave’s decided they weren’t interested in a tune up; they needed a fresh start with a third-party IT vendor.

Our Solution:

After reviewing several vendor options, Famous Dave’s selected OneNeck and our hosted private cloud solution, ReliaCloud® FLEX. The customized solution featured a fully-hosted and managed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform housed in a OneNeck data center. By partnering with OneNeck, Famous Dave’s was able to eliminate the requirements of day-to-day IT maintenance. Not only did this help reduce the restaurant’s IT spend, it also ensured high availability of applications and data.

“OneNeck took a consultative approach, providing us with options around public and private cloud as well as colocation. They walked us through each solution and helped us determine what the best fit was to help meet our business needs.” – Matt Ambuehl, Director of Information Services at Famous Dave’s


3. Lack of IT Talent with Little Time to Spare

The Challenge:

Sunny Delight Beverages was ready to upgrade and advance into the future with Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 on Azure. However, they were in a bind with only three weeks to make the transformation and little to no in-house experience with the warehouse management system. It quickly became obvious they were running out of time and in need of help.

Our Solution:

Because of our deep knowledge and understanding of the upgrade at hand, Sunny Delight trusted OneNeck’s ability to not only implement the new solution but also simultaneously run the older version. This prevented any valuable time from being lost during the introduction of the hybrid cloud solution. Despite not having the in-house expertise, Sunny Delight was able to utilize end-to-end management of the AX environment on Azure and simplified deployment and LCS integration through OneNeck’s services. This allowed them to not only successfully transition to the new platform but also complete the project within three weeks.


4. A Global Company Needed to Go Modern

The Challenge:

Targus, the leading global supplier of mobile computing cases and accessories, needed to make critical decisions about the future of the business. The lists of tasks ranged from eliminating paper and manual processing systems to increasing supply visibility and centralizing applications. The company realized they needed to not only implement an ERP solution but also centralize IT without creating a traditional department. Looking to truly realize their potential as a global player, Targus turned to OneNeck.

Our Solution:

After traveling to sites around the world with Targus executives, OneNeck was ready to complete a situational assessment that included existing infrastructure, user requirements and business objectives, and then went to work. Based on our feedback, Targus was ready to establish a centralized technical environment featuring a global network, which helped facilitate improved communications company-wide. Next, we worked with the brand to implement Baan Finance and Baan Distribution/Logistics to better streamline supply chain management. Finally, OneNeck configured and implemented the automation of the package rating and shipping process and a freight management solution. Within 20 months, Targus’ transformed IT environment was both centralized and globalized all with the help and support of OneNeck.

“Targus had no organized IT infrastructure — even at the regional level. We were challenged with creating a scalable IT environment that could be centrally managed and supported in order to serve as the foundation for globalizing our communications, supply chain and financial systems. We wanted to do all of this without creating a significant in-house IT department. We reviewed all the big players and decided a middle-market specialist with deep ERP expertise and global experience would be the best fit for us. We chose OneNeck, and we’re very glad we did.” – Mark See CIO, Targus Group International

Digital transformation isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution and doesn’t happen overnight. OneNeck provides services that come as part of a partnership, which means we are with you every step of the way. Contact us to learn more.

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