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The demand for cloud services is exploding. IDC predicts that spending on public cloud services could double from almost $70 billion in 2015 to over $141 billion in 2019. That’s nearly six times the rate of overall IT spending growth.

Perhaps you’re sitting on the sidelines, contemplating a move to the cloud. Before jumping in, it’s important to weigh the benefits and costs, and keep in mind that it’s not an “all or nothing” proposition. Not all applications are suited for the cloud, and as such, your ideal cloud implementation may be a hybrid combination of public, private or colocated. Rightscale reports that 71% of respondents use a hybrid solution.

Transitioning to the cloud isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. Organizations will have to relinquish some internal control, but thorough research and careful planning can help to avoid those migration speed bumps.

Why Migrate to the Cloud?

Some of the top reasons companies are turning to the cloud include:

  • Lower costs. Many businesses can lower their overall spending by removing the expense of updated hardware and software from their budgets. Organizations can also save by not having to continually train employees in new technologies.
  • Data security. There are security measures built into the cloud services through automated backups, integrated data protection and failsafe recovery. Patches are automatically updated to ensure your systems are not vulnerable.
  • As organizational needs fluctuate, the cloud offers the ability to easily scale in or out with business requirements.
  • Cloud providers will ease your burden to keep up with latest versions of operating software and applications, allowing your IT staff to focus on mission-critical projects, not routine maintenance.  

Cloud Migration Considerations

It’s essential to understand that all cloud providers and services are not equal. Here are some key thoughts to consider:

  • Security: A data breach can have devastating effects on your organization. Before moving sensitive data to the cloud, find out how the provider provides protection. Do they provide full-stack protection? What are the policies and procedures in place for patching vulnerabilities? Pay attention to what physical protections are in place as well.
  • SLA (service level agreement): Understand your SLAs, and spell out each and every detail. What uptime guarantees are there? Occasional outages are inevitable, and you need to understand the procedures that are in place with regards to the standards of reliability that could impact your data.
  • Portability: Does your provider have the flexibility to adapt to new configurations as your business grows and changes down the road? The best cloud providers have multiple facilities and can accommodate expanding needs with public, private, hybrid and colocation options.
  • Compliance: Does your cloud provider have the experience you need to meet the compliance regulations for your industry and ensure that you pass your audit? Never compromise with compliance.
  • Disaster Recovery: Downtime and lost data are costly. Your SLAs should spell out how quickly your provider will get you back up and running after an outage. Understand where your data and backups live and what procedures are in place to recover before you lose business.

How OneNeck Can Help

Moving to the cloud requires careful planning, and many factors play a role in a successful cloud migration. From technical requirements to the human element, it takes a 360-degree approach to deliver a positive and productive outcome that increases your business’s bottom line. At OneNeck, we conduct a thorough Cloud Assessment that includes workload analysis, bandwidth analysis and end-user experience analysis, to ensure a successful migration to the cloud. Interested? Then contact us today to learn more.

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