Data Center Reliability Matters

Data is a major part of our daily lives. Whether at work or at home, we expect seamless experiences across devices and expect immediate, fast response times for any interactions.

In order to deliver modern, seamless digital experiences for your customers and employees, data center reliability is critical. When your data center suffers any incident and your data is not accessible, the result is disruption to your business operations. Even if it’s only for a short period of time, a data outage or breach can cause irreparable damage to your business financials, not to mention your reputation.

According to the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a data center outage rose from $690,204 in 2013 to $740,357 in 2016, representing a 7 percent increase with single incident losses reaching a high of $2.4 million. The overall cost of downtime has increased 38 percent since the first study in 2010.  When you consider the intrinsic and extrinsic costs, such as financial penalties for non-compliance, user productivity losses, lack of consumer confidence and lower customer retention, the losses can add up quickly.

No matter the reason – be it the increased risk of cybersecurity breaches or UPS system failure – it is imperative you ensure the reliability and availability of your data center infrastructure. If you are considering colocation, taking the time to understand why reliability is so important is crucial to a successful deployment.

How to Measure Colocation Reliability

A January 2016 Ponemon report put the average cost of data center downtime at nearly $9,000 per minute. Reliability is so intertwined with failing, it is measured by frequency of failure. For example, a bank of servers that go down once for ten minutes is considered much more reliable than one that goes down four times for one minute each.

A reliable colocation facility will focus on the following:

  • A team of varied expertise. The majority of downtime and system failures are caused by humans. A colocation facility that employs a team with a deep level of knowledge enabling them to choose the right mix of components can help protect your infrastructure from failure. Building and operating a data center is a job for a team who knows how to prevent possible issues or troubleshoot any situation that arises.
  • The equipment is state of the art. The servers your infrastructure runs on are the foundation of your data center and must meet today’s modern standards. With fully-redundant systems and proven processes, an experienced colocation provider can recover from power outages faster and more cost effectively than on-premises data centers.
  • Reliable means being proactive and secure. Your data center needs to be constantly monitored for unusual activity, as well as provide the latest security protections. Colocation offers your organization with the ability to keep pace with the latest technology and security advancements, without the overhead capital expenditures or staffing costs.
  • Finding partners who meet industry standards for reliability and availability. Service Level Agreements (SLA) are key to ensuring your provider will meet each and every one of your needs. Look for those providers who promise better than 100% uptime, who can meet your compliance and audit needs and follow your best practice mandates.

“Building and running data centers as well as managing IT assets at the edge can no longer be a part-time or occasional job.” – Forrester Research

Colocation offers many advantages, including a highly reliable data center environment that is also resource and cost efficient and allows your in-house IT team to focus on mission-critical initiatives.

OneNeck IT Solutions can help you make all the decisions you need to colocate your data center. Our mission-critical data centers are optimized for performance, reliability and dependability, and deliver uninterrupted uptime with secure access, physical asset protection and workflow separation. We back it all with detailed, 100% uptime SLAs.

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