Successful Data Center Migration Checklist

IT teams are often handed the task of migrating their on-premises data center and workloads to the cloud without much time to prepare. This is far from an ideal situation, as a successful data center migration requires time for IT to develop, oversee and follow-through with a precise plan.

Ideal Data Center Capabilities Checklist

Migrating to a managed data center starts by determining where your old data center fell short. Before making any major move to a new data center, determine your ideal data center migration checklist that will meet all existing — and future — infrastructure requirements.

  • Note old data center shortfalls.
  • Determine new, central, requirements.
  • Calculate size and weight needs.
  • Figure out transportation methods and modes.
  • Check for security. Make sure new racks are regularly monitored. Ask about facility surveillance.
  • Follow a list of best practice standards.

Data Center Migration Planning Checklist

Looking at a new data center from every angle will go far to mitigate risk, and it’s not a small task. Thorough planning is critical to your success and should be taken very seriously. Involve all your key players in the planning stage to ensure a comprehensive strategy.

  • Create an interim plan to keep systems running amidst migration
  • Analyze connectivity requirements
  • Draft a configuration of the new space – include a complete racks grid.
  • Create a solid backup plan
  • Devise budgetary needs and account for emergency situations.

The Migration Dry Run Checklist

Some details will fall through the cracks. It happens, but it doesn’t have to happen on a large scale. A dry run will help eliminate possible flaws in any data migration plan. Before the big move, run through the following steps.

  • Put your plan to the test. Go through all steps on paper.
  • Work out the kinks. Recognize the problems. Find the solutions.
  • Make sure everything is in place (racks, power circuits, backup systems).
  • Backup all data!
  • Hold a Scrum meeting, ask all team members to outline key tasks, fix any team issues.
  • Know the types of equipment (cables, etc.) you will need to have on migration day.

The Data Center Migration Checklist

By this point in the planning process, you should have a solid foundation in place. Existing problems, possible issues, and best solutions should be clearly outlined. All IT team members should know their role for each step of the migration process. A new data center facility should be chosen with contracts signed, sealed, and delivered.

  • Go through this final checklist.
  • Consider hiring professional IT movers for highly sensitive equipment.
  • Label everything – every wire, cord and cable.
  • Install all cables
  • Check that all connections are working properly
  • Complete an application and network test
  • Alert users of possible system issues
  • Document, document, document. Write down every detail of the new setup and keep a copy inside the new data center.

The Follow-Up Checklist

Outsourcing your data center is an ongoing process that requires continuous evaluation. One of the most important post-migration steps is to monitor and evaluate your progress to ensure you are meeting the required standards and systems are running smoothly. It’s also vital to test security on a regular basis to ensure the safety of your sensitive assets.

The devil is truly in the details when it comes to your data center migration checklist. Missing steps or skipping the planning stage will leave your organization vulnerable and left to deal with expensive fixes. A thorough assessment of your current environment and a defined path for migration is essential to making your data center experience a successful one.

Our top-tier data centers and team of technology professionals can ensure your hybrid IT infrastructure is effectively managed for security, efficiency and competitive edge.

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