Moving Databases To The Cloud

Data and information has long been recognized as companies’ most valuable assets—and database administrators (DBAs) have been the key guardians of those assets. DBAs’ primary responsibilities have been aimed at ensuring that data is safely, securely, accurately, and appropriately stored, managed, and maintained.

To stay competitive and get ahead in today’s marketplace, IT organizations are continuously looking at ways to optimize how they maintain and use the data that fuels their operations.  Modernizing to the cloud as part of a digital transformation can deliver the right mix of operational efficiencies and business enablement to drive continued growth.

Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

Migrating your databases to the cloud not only enables digital transformation, but helps you manage valuable resources in a scalable and efficient manner. Organizations that digitize and move to the cloud can experience numerous benefits, including:

  • Cost savings that result from a shift of Capex to OpEx
  • Scalability and flexibility with the ability to quickly provision resources when needed
  • Access anywhere, anytime on any device
  • Freeing internal resources to focus on strategic initiatives as a result of moving database management to a third party

Key Considerations

As with any cloud migration, there are a number key considerations that should be evaluated before deciding to move your managed database to the cloud including

  • Performance: What are your requirements? Define workload characteristics and needs upfront.
  • Security: Ensuring appropriate security of your data is vital. Develop a strategic plan that identifies where the risks lie and address how to protect sensitive data. Consider what aspects of security are the third party provider’s responsibility and which responsibilities are yours.
  • Compliance: What are your compliance requirements and does the third-party provider meet them? Compliance requirements could include PCI, HIPAA, ISO 27001 etc.
  • Migration: What is your migration strategy? How long will it take to migrate your data?
  • Licensing: Does the licensing model for your database software change when you make a move to a cloud environment?
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs): What is the provider’s SLA, if any? Are they financially guaranteed?

OneNeck, Your Trusted Partner

OneNeck can help with your digital transformation initiative by assisting with the re-platforming of your businesses’ database infrastructure to modern data platforms like cloud. We make sure your mission-critical databases are running at peak performance and are always available to support your organization’s most critical applications. Start modernizing today, contact us to learn more!

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