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Refer for Rewards

Customer Referral Program

man making it rain money

OneNeck Customer Referral Program

OneNeck wants to reward you for your customer referrals! Enter your referral and sales will follow up! If your opportunity turns into a win, once it’s invoiced, you will receive an Amazon gift card!

Eligible employees:

  • AS Engineers and Project Managers
  • Managed Services Team Members
  • Facilities Team Members
  • Service Delivery Managers

Solution Eligibility:

  • Net new opportunities with new and existing customers

Opportunity Minimum Requirements:

  • $5K in Professional Services OR
  • $50k in Hardware/Software OR
  • $1k + in MRR AND
  • Opportunity must be won and invoiced


  • $100 – $1,000 depending on deal size


  • All leads must be new, not previously identified by sales.
  • Deals must meet minimum margin requirements to be eligible and any awards may be subject to adjustment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Executive Sponsor of this program?
Dave Flynn is the executive sponsor of this program. Have questions or ideas? Reach out to Dave!

Will I be taxed on my gift card?
Yes. Once you receive the award, we will send your name and the amount of the award to payroll. You will be taxed at your normal rate on the gift card and that amount will come out of your next paycheck. You will receive the full value of the gift card.

What happens if someone else refers the same lead?

The person who submits the lead first will be the owner of the lead.

Can I just enter all my contacts from LinkedIn?
No. You must know and have vetted the person you submit as a lead to ensure it is worth the AE’s time to follow up. The website form has a spot for you to enter more details about your conversation, including the potential opportunity that exists. However, if you have a question about whether something is a valid lead, reach out to your AE or RSD.

What are the deal requirements & awards?
The Senior Leadership Team, Finance, and Human Resources worked together to determine minimum deal requirements that align to our “cost of sale” thresholds. The chart below shows the deal requirements and associated rewards. Please reach out to Dave Flynn if you have questions regarding these requirements.

Who will be following up on my lead?
The Account Executive.

What if I am not sure if someone is a lead?
Talk to your AE or RSD or email in marketing for assistance.

What is the process?
Potential sales opportunities should be entered into this website form on this page.

Once the form is submitted, a meeting will be set up with the submitter and the AE by Heather Fritz to qualify the lead. If determined viable, an opportunity will be created in CRM immediately and will be tracked through the CRM opportunity process. If and when the deal closes and is invoiced, marketing will reach out to you with information on how and when your gift card will be dispersed to you. To find a status on your referral, reach out to Heather Fritz at

When does a lead “expire”?
When the AE closes the opportunity as won or lost.

What solutions are eligible for the current customer campaign?
Net new opportunities for any of Advanced Services, Hardware/Software Resale or Monthly Recurring Revenues are eligible. Change orders for existing projects do not qualify. Also 3rd Party PS is excluded from PS thresholds. The solution must not already be known to sales.