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Digital Transformation

Welcome to the age of IT transformation. The time is now.

Ready or not, digital transformation is here. Organizations that embrace it can quickly breathe new life into business processes, products, employees and customers. Those that don’t will quickly find themselves obsolete. At OneNeck, we are working with our customers to transform to meet changing customer demands and adapt to a new agile way of doing business – and to ultimately succeed in the connected future.

The Digital Imperative

Winning Tomorrow Means Changing the Way You Do Business Today

We are in an era of digital revolution, where competitive advantage depends on maximizing the enterprise digital infrastructure and business applications to glean faster insights from data leading to real-time decisions. Every organization is becoming a software company, whether they know it or not. But those that recognize it and are digitally transforming themselves to embrace multi-cloud, advanced analytics, IoT, and the power of AI and machine learning to derive insight from that data are the ones that will be here tomorrow.

Application Modernization

Today's Applications - Enabling the Future of Work

Before you can truly start implementing a successful digitization initiative, you have to clearly understand your current state. It’s critical to document your infrastructure, the applications running on that infrastructure, the interconnections and dependencies, as well as articulate the business use case for each application. By documenting each application and its role in the business, prioritization can then take place of where it makes the most sense to start the transformation journey.

Hybrid IT

Nothing is One-Size Fits All. So, Why Should Your Technology Be?

As you embark on implementing the technology vision, you want to take advantage of the latest apps and data — yet you have to maintain the workloads and processes that run your business today. A hybrid IT approach is where you’ll find the best of both worlds, where you can still maximize the performance, cost and agility of applications, while matching each application and workload to the right IT platform.


It's a Multi-Cloud World. Embrace It.

The cloud offers a real opportunity to modernize infrastructure while also cutting costs. Private cloud can bring operational efficiencies that translate to reduced operational expenditures (OpEx), while public cloud can help reduce capital expenditures (CapEx) by cutting the amount of required infrastructure. And with a multi-cloud approach, organizations have the potential to realize increased agility and cost savings on infrastructure provisioning, which in turn enables the journey to the transformation that can impact the bottom line and propel a business in front of the competition.

Infrastructure Modernization

Is Your Infrastructure Holding Your Back?

The common thread among all IT modernization initiatives is that they depend on infrastructure. But today’s organizations are often finding that their infrastructure is an obstacle to digital transformation rather than an enabler. As a result, IT teams are scrambling to modernize their infrastructure so they can quickly provision high performance, reliable, scalable, agile resources to run whatever workloads the business demands.


Keep Security Front and Center

As critical systems and business processes become modernized, it also opens the door to risk. The same power that enables these technologies to radically transform business processes also brings the potential to cause gaps in security and loss of information if not properly secured. Security posture assessments should be a critical part of any digital transformation initiative.

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