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Press Release

TDS® completes Minnesota network backbone expansion

June 03, 2011

VISI leverages network to connect data centers and add disaster recovery offerings


MADISON, Wis. (June 3, 2011) - TDS Telecommunications Corp. (TDS®) announces the completion of a network expansion in Minnesota. VISI now offers a comprehensive portfolio of metro area network solutions, including advanced connectivity between its two Minnesota data centers.


The new Metro Area Network connects VISI data centers and key carrier hotels located within the Twin Cities metro area. This expansion will help VISI meet the ever-growing demand for both Internet bandwidth and data center connectivity driven by VISI’s recent $24 million data center expansion in Eden Prairie.


In addition to providing more capacity, the new network minimizes latency and enhances transport efficiency and reliability for all types of traffic. The network is designed and managed for maximum resiliency in the event of a network disruption, including the ability to continue data transport even if any single network link is disrupted.


"This expanded network provides high performance connectivity between VISI data centers in the Twin Cities area and provides a connection to the national TDS backbone," said Bill Megan, president of TDS Hosted & Managed Services Operations.


With virtually unlimited capacity made possible by adding additional wavelengths, VISI customers can now replicate data between data centers with very low latency. Services supported by the network will include: Ethernet, Fibre Channel, TDM OC-48, OC-12, OC-3, and DS3, carrier services, and Internet bandwidth.


"The TDS/VISI network expansion will allow new disaster recovery services to be deployed within the Twin Cities area. We’re truly pleased to have this expansion completed and look forward to providing the highest level of network services to our customers," said Mike Sowada, VISI’s CEO.


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