woman looking at vmware nsx in data center
woman looking at vmware nsx in data center

VMware NSX – Virtualization for the software defined data center

Changing demands on today’s colocation data center requires new strategies to keep pace with new business and security requirements. Rather than rip and replace enterprise components, more CIOs are adopting software-defined networking (SDN). This allows for the networking functions to be abstracted from the physical systems, separating the control plane and the data plane to make it easier to reconfigure data centers using software.

To meet this demand, VMware has developed NSX as the software-defined virtualization platform for VMware’s Software Defined Data Center (SDDC), allowing you to treat data center resources as virtual machines. With VMware NSX, you can abstract your physical network as if it were a single pool of data transport capacity, with networking and security services attached using policies for the virtual machines. NSX enables the use of virtual machines within the SDDC, making it simple and more cost-effective to adapt networking and security policies to changing business needs.

NSX provides a variety of new applications and use cases for the SDDC. In addition, NSX usually pays for itself in a single use case.

Here are just a few of the benefits VMware NSX delivers:

  • Proven Virtualization Platform for the SDDC — NSX delivers all the networking capabilities that VMware offers for computing and storage. With NSX, you can create, delete, save and restore virtual networks on demand, without changing the physical network.
  • Stronger Security Policies — Unlike hardware-defined networks, NSX brings security into the SDDC with automated security policies that are tied to virtual machines, making it possible to create entire secure networks using virtualization in software. This approach segments and isolates networks for inherently better security.
  • Better IT Automation — Manual data center processes are the bane of an IT administrator’s job and a drain on the IT budget. Using NSX for network virtualization automates labor-intensive processes, eliminating errors and simplifying network configuration, provisioning, management and more.
  • Greater Application Continuity — The NSX platform delivers tight integration with third-party products so they can be deployed automatically and adapted dynamically. In addition to keeping applications continuously operational, NSX also helps with disaster recovery by eliminating the need to manually re-IP workloads and reconfigure security policies.

Applying VMware NSX to provide virtualization for the SDDC extends the capabilities of the traditional network infrastructure while supporting existing operations faster and more cost-effectively. NSX is a strategic approach to networking that automates data center configuration and drives increasing value over time. And with OneNeck’s enterprise experts to guide you, the return on your SDDC and NSX investment will continue to grow.

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