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Reduce risk and enable your employees to make smarter security decisions every day.

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Today’s businesses are constantly facing sophisticated phishing and ransomware attacks. And while you are undoubtedly already investing significant resources in an IT infrastructure designed to protect your data, the reality is that virtually all organizations share a weak link in IT security, their employees. However, with proactive and regular security awareness training, you can give your employees the knowledge they need to recognize bad actors and avoid a costly breach.

Through our partnership with KnowBe4, we offer practical security awareness training that educates your users with access to the world’s largest library of awareness training content.

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Security Awareness Training

We recognize that traditional security awareness training is no longer effective against today’s evolving security attacks. Our partnership with KnowBe4 brings you a security training program that provides an engaging and comprehensive approach designed to allow you to build a more resilient and secure organization.

  • Baseline testing– Baseline testing assesses the phish-prone percentage of your users through a free simulated phishing attack.
  • Train your users– The world’s largest library of security awareness training content, including interactive modules, videos, games, posters and newsletters.
  • Phish your users– Best-in-class, fully automated simulated phishing attacks, thousands of templates with unlimited usage and community phishing templates.
  • See results– Enterprise-strength reporting for training and phishing, ready for management.
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According to the 2022 State of Employee Compliance Training survey conducted by KnowBe4, almost half of the respondents (49%) ranked challenges with employee engagement as the most significant barrier to delivering compliance training. Our relationship with KnowBe4 produces compliance training that cultivates engagement by focusing on these concepts:

  • Varying types of content and formats– Utilizing different formats such as video, self-paced interactive training modules, compliance job aides, digital signage on your organization’s intranet and case studies to prevent content fatigue.
  • Increased training frequency– Breaking training into smaller pieces and doing it more often (monthly vs. annually).
  • Complete employee understanding of their security role– Helping employees understand the “why” behind compliance policies by setting policies and procedures in the context of broader company-wide impacts.


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All-in-One Approach

By partnering with KnowBe4, we bring your compliance training into an all-inclusive package.

  • Content under one roof– Consistent and comprehensive content designed to work together effectively and ensure superior quality of training.
  • Cost savings– Bundle training content production and deployment under one source saves time and money.
  • Single source of truth– Provide a built-in learning management system (LMS) ensuring a platform is explicitly designed so that all content works together seamlessly.

“A key fundamental to any defense strategy is to educate and train employees to avoid phishing schemes, instead of simply relying on technologies to detect and prevent attacks. Phishing is one of the top ways attackers exploit companies, and your end users are an attractive point of entry. Many companies have recognized this threat and are educating workers not to click suspicious emails. However, that training must be constantly reinforced, preferably with real-world exercises to drive home the message.”

Katie McCullough

Chief Information Security Officer, OneNeck

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