Infinidat and OneNeck

Enterprise storage for a broad range of mixed workloads at multi-petabyte scale.


infinidat-logoOneNeck’s partnership with Infinidat delivers business storage solutions that offer the reliable availability, extraordinary performance and flexibility for scaling your data storage to support today’s data-intensive digital enterprises. Together, we help OneNeck customers establish a competitive advantage at a multi-petabyte scale.


Recognized with the 2021 Ultimate Contributor of the Year Award (Americas) by Infinidat, OneNeck provides storage solutions, with a high return on investment, across the breadth of Infinidat’s products and services.



Infinidat Storage

Our Infinidat storage solutions deliver enterprise storage with a highly automated and autonomous approach together with unmatched availability. Through our implementation of Infinidat’s software-defined storage portfolio, we provide best-in-class solutions for primary storage, modern data protection, disaster recovery, business continuity, and cyber resiliency.


Enterprise storage for a broad range of mixed application workloads at a multi-petabyte scale. InfiniBox benefits include:

  • Manage multiple petabytes of capacity in a single standard rack.
  • Unified Storage of FC, iSCSI, NFSv3, and SMB protocols is provided concurrently in a single platform, consolidating workloads and eliminating multiple arrays.
  • Guaranteed 100% availability via a self-healing architecture that utilizes InfiniRaid data layout and predictive failure analysis, as well as triple redundancy that enables seamless recovery.
  • InfiniVerse®, a cloud-based analytics tool, monitors, reports, provides insights into your Infinidat environment and predicts the impact of infrastructure changes.
Infinidat and OneNeck

InfiniBox® SSA

Serial Storage Architecture designed for workloads that require consistent microsecond latency for every I/O (as low as 35 microseconds).

  • Intelligent learning algorithms and neural cache allow a high percentage of I/O to be serviced at DRAM speed.
  • Provides an optimized path to solid-state storage, ensuring uninterrupted end-to-end performance.
  • 100% availability guaranteed through the employment of an active/active/active controller and self-healing architecture, as well as predictive failure analysis and InfiniRaid data layout.
  • InfiniOps™ technologies provide software capabilities that utilize AIOps functionality and expedite DevOps activities, so your IT team has streamlined storage oversight and management.
Infindat Security

InfiniGaurd® Security

Enterprise data protection with built-in cyber resilience technologies offers top-of-the-line backup and recovery performance for all your data protection needs.


Built-in enterprise data protection designed on the principle of providing four foundational requirements of comprehensive cyber recovery capability.

  • Immutable snapshots that create locked and unchangeable copies of your data.
  • Logical air-gapped protection leverages the ability to isolate data sets logically, thoroughly, and entirely, thus eliminating expense of secondary environments.
  • Fenced forensic network provides you with a zero-trust environment that is entirely separate from production and is only active when needed to validate what you explicitly desire to make sure is clean.
  • Near-instantaneous recovery of any size backup allows you to pick the recovery point you need, regardless of size, and analyze or present your datasets for restoration to your backup environment within minutes.


“Our partnership with Infinidat has enhanced OneNeck’s storage portfolio with an enterprise-grade solution offering premium performance and availability at a multi-petabyte scale. Infinidat enables our enterprise customers to store and protect their data cost-effectively with a solid and reliable solution. It’s partners like Infinidat that enable OneNeck to truly have our customer’s back and help them progress forward in their technology journey.”

Nick Heisdorffer

Regional Sales Director for OEM Sales, OneNeck

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