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Free Data Risk Assessment

Want to know where your biggest data security threats are?

varonis assessment

Schedule a personalized data risk assessment. It’s 100% obligation-free and non-intrusive.

A dedicated engineer will do all the heavy-lifting, and you’ll get a comprehensive report that highlights at-risk sensitive data, flags access control issues, and quantifies risk. So that when you’re asked what you’re doing to prevent becoming the next cybersecurity headline, you’re already ahead of the game.

What to Expect

Qualified engineers will collect and analyze the metadata from your email, file systems, and directory services (AD, LDAP, NIS), discover and isolate in-scope infrastructure, and perform capabilities and environmental assessments. We’ll build out a custom security assessment designed specifically for you: based on company needs, regulations, and configurations.

What You Get

A detailed report based on your company data, analyzing risk, identifying strengths and weaknesses – and we’ll help you fix real production security issues while we’re at it. The data risk assessment will summarize key findings, expose data vulnerabilities, provide a detailed explanation of each finding, and include prioritized remediation recommendations.

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