Hybrid Cloud

Adopting a hybrid cloud strategy can ensure your have the right application on the right cloud at the right time.



According to research and advisory firm Forrester, organizations have been adopting cloud solutions, both public and private, for many years to support their digital transformation.

What is hybrid cloud?

As the lines blur between different flavors of cloud, the concept of hybrid cloud has emerged, where organizations use a mix of both private and public cloud solutions across multiple use cases and workloads. As organizations shift away from on-premises technology deployments, the spotlight shifts to the role that IT professionals play in this hybrid cloud world.

Why hybrid cloud?

No cloud service stands alone and not all workloads are the same. They vary in performance, reliability, control and security requirements. Hybrid cloud solutions combine the best of both private cloud and public cloud and are transforming the way organizations develop and deploy technology solutions.

Benefits of a hybrid cloud solution include:

  • Agility and speed – Scale on demand, optimize for price, performance and business continuity.
  • Governance and control – Security, resiliency and control delivered efficiently and effectively.
  • Cost efficiency – Shift CAPEX to OPEX, capitalize on the new economics of cloud.
  • Innovation and performance – Create new services, capabilities, hybrid applications and exploit new business opportunities.

Where do my workloads belong?

OneNeck’s approach is to fully understand your business needs and requirements, and then to help you define the right cloud infrastructure for your workloads.

Many issues play a role in a successful cloud migration, from technical requirements to human factors. We conduct a thorough hybrid cloud assessment that covers all the bases to complete a successful migration to the cloud: workload analysis, bandwidth analysis and end-user experience analysis.

Depending on the workload being examined, OneNeck engineers will use various tools to analyze application access. Valid scenarios will be explored and presented to you as options.

CHOICE – we help customers navigate the cloud. Right application, right cloud, right time.

OneNeck can provide the complete solution for your hybrid cloud journey. Unless you plan on putting your entire business on a single cloud, you will need a solution that brings public and private cloud capabilities seamlessly together. Contact us today for more information.

Want to learn more about hybrid cloud? Read our Hybrid Cloud Buyers Guide.

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