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Build a Workforce and Workplace, That’s Ready for Anything

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Today’s changes and tomorrow’s uncertainties are redefining your organization and how you work.


CFO’s surveyed in the fifth PwC COVID-19 CFO Pulse Survey:

  • 54% will make remote work a permanent option.​
  • 81% are prioritizing changing workplace safety measures as they return to the workplace.​
  • 49% expect new technology investments will position them better for the long term.​
  • 72% expect greater resilience and agility to be byproducts of the pandemic experience.
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Cisco Secure Remote Workforce Solution

From field workers to executives, enable your workforce to get work done from anywhere—securely and effectively. Extend your corporate network into the home for a frictionless employee experience.


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Cisco Trusted Workplace Solution

Return to the office safer than ever. Create a workplace your workforce can trust and one that facilitates operational consistency across your business while helping to ensure your employees’ safety, security, and wellness.


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See What Business Resiliency Means in Your Sector

  • Healthcare: Create a safer work environment for your clinicians and staff and a trusted experience for your patients, while maintaining continuity of care.
  • Government:  Make governing more effective for building essential services and functions securely, flexibly, and at scale.
  • Education: Redesign teaching, learning, and administration with our business resiliency solutions.
  • Manufacturing: Securely connect remote teams and facilities to maintain production during unforeseen business disruptions.

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