Why You Should Consider a Managed Backup Service

For any modern organization, protecting business-critical data is vital. Yet protecting data assets has become complex and difficult as the rising tide of data grows in double to even triple digits compounding year over year.

Businesses are also facing increasingly stringent regulatory compliance and IT governance mandates. The bottom line is that this is putting data at risk – and creating enormous pressure on IT budgets and resources.

However, very few organizations have evolved their data protection processes with the times, leading to the perception that backup is complex, and change will bring unnecessary risk. In short: it’s too hard.

If your organization falls into the backup challenged, then it could be time to consider a managed backup as a service (BaaS) solution for an easier, more efficient way to backup your data and applications across the enterprise.

What is BaaS?

Managed backup service provides backup and recovery operations from the cloud. The cloud-based BaaS provider maintains necessary backup equipment, applications, processes and management in their data center. So, there is no need to buy backup servers and software, run upgrades and patches, or purchase dedupe appliances.

What are the benefits of BaaS?

BaaS offers many benefits including the ability to:

Keep Moving Forward. We’ve Got Your Backups.

OneNeck’s BaaS solutions provide a resilient, cloud-based backup and recovery service offering the high levels of reliability demanded by organizations today. Our BaaS solutions offerings are powered by best-in-class technologies and services.

Let us conduct a Backup and Recovery Assessment to identify the first steps towards creating an efficient, reliable and appropriate backup and recovery solution for your business. Contact us today.

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