What Is DevOps

Today’s fast-paced world makes DevOps essential to all enterprises seeking to respond rapidly to changes in customer demands, market conditions and competitive pressures. But, what is DevOps and how do you get started? What tools do you need to leverage? How do you bring all the right technologies together successfully?

I sat down with Lee Grant, a Principal Application Architect at OneNeck, to discuss what DevOps means and how enterprises can implement it to gain the promised business benefits.

What Is DevOps and Why Embrace It?

DevOps is an abbreviation for Development and Operations. DevOps is not a tool, it’s a way of doing things that unifies people, process and products.

By adopting a DevOps culture, along with DevOps practices and tools, teams can build, test and release applications at the speed of digital business.

What’s Driving DevOps Adoption?

The reasons for adopting DevOps vary based on the business need for it and the challenges that it addresses. The forces we typically see driving adoption include:

  • Accelerating time to market- Many enterprises seek to move at high velocity. DevOps allows them to innovate faster, adapt to changing markets better and grow more efficient at driving business results.
  • Adapting to the market and competition- DevOps enables an enhanced customer experience by having the ability to deliver more, faster, better, continuously and in an automated fashion helping to build a competitive advantage.
  • Maintaining system stability and reliability- Leveraging DevOps to deploy applications with repeatable, reliable processes also allows for continuous automated deployment and testing, lowering the risk of failures at release time.
  • Improving the mean time to recovery- With DevOps, recovery is much faster when the development and operations teams collaborate, sharing challenges during development. Recent research shows that high-performing DevOps teams recover from downtime 96 times faster, have a five times lower change failure rate, and deploy code 46 times more frequently.

How Do Organizations Get DevOps Right?

The DevOps journey involves significant changes in culture, processes and technologies.

DevOps should be structured to meet the unique needs of your organization. Consider your current culture. Identify the silos and bottlenecks that prevent rapid development and deployment to understand where to improve.

How Can OneNeck Help?

We have a team of highly certified and knowledgeable experts to help our clients improve application development and operations, using effective DevOps strategies and tools.

We start by defining clear objectives with your team. Then we conduct practice workshops to help define use cases for your business that deliver a cohesive goal for stakeholders. This alignment is the critical first step in the journey to transformation.

Finally, we architect and deploy solutions that help standardize application development and releases.

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