Transitioning from VLSC to Microsoft Admin Center for License Management

Roughly two years ago, Microsoft announced changes to its licensing management system and began transitioning functionality away from its Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) and into the Microsoft Admin Center. Since this announcement, functionality mostly remained paralleled at both locations.

However, as of Spring 2023, Microsoft has begun to remove these functionalities from the VLSC, with customers needing to access them exclusively on the Microsoft 365 Administration site. With the enforcement of this change and the retirement of particular features in VLSC, many customers are now finding they are having difficulties accessing these elements and are unsure exactly how to proceed. Read on to learn more about the VLSC changes and features being retired and ways to access your licensing.

Understanding Microsoft Volume Licensing in Microsoft 365

The Microsoft VLSC has traditionally been the go-to platform for managing licenses, retrieving keys and downloading software. However, in line with its stated intent of creating a more integrated and universal experience, Microsoft has been gradually shifting certain functionalities from the VLSC to the Microsoft 365 Admin site, also known as the Microsoft Admin Center.

Microsoft presents a variety of licensing solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of its users. As a reputable reseller, OneNeck offers volume licensing through the Open Value plan, among other options. Such plans are especially suited for clients looking for on-premises solutions or those interested in leveraging the advantages of Software Assurance.

What’s Changing with VLSC and Microsoft Admin Center?

In April 2023, Microsoft decided to retire specific features from the VLSC. These retirements mean these features will be exclusively available on the Microsoft Admin Center. The move is part of Microsoft’s broader strategy to streamline its services and offer a more cohesive user experience.

To view volume licensing in the Microsoft 365 admin center, you must have registered a license ID (volume licensing agreement or enrollment) in the VLSC. After registering in the VLSC and signing into the Microsoft 365 admin center at least once, it won’t be necessary to return to VLSC for those volume licensing features that have been relocated.

As a result of these changes, many clients are now transitioning to the Microsoft Admin Center from the VLSC. If you’re one of them, here are some resources to guide you through the process:

Assistance with Transitioning to Microsoft Admin Center

Transitioning to a new platform can sometimes be challenging. If you encounter issues accessing your licensing details on the Microsoft Admin Center, don’t hesitate to seek help. Microsoft has a dedicated Volume Licensing Service team ready to assist you. For those users that purchased licenses from 3rd-party sources, you will most likely need to contact Microsoft Support in order to register a license ID in the VLSC and then gain access to the Microsoft Admin sites.

Typical response time for web inquiries can range upwards to 24 hours. So, if your concern is urgent, it’s advisable to contact them via phone.

Transitions, like the shift from VLSC to the Microsoft Admin Center, can present challenges. While these changes usually aim to offer a more streamlined experience, they can also require adjustments and a period of adaptation. OneNeck understands these challenges and is here to assist. We aim to help you navigate these changes smoothly, ensuring you can efficiently manage your licensing and continue your operations with minimal disruption.

If you have questions or need support, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

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