The Importance of an Upfront Cybersecurity Policy Framework

Organizations are in a hurry to mature their cybersecurity programs. Whether it is world events, prior incidents, or just the desire to be security conscious that is driving these efforts, there is one thing that makes these efforts less complicated along the journey – develop your cybersecurity policy framework first.

Developing a policy framework to support your cybersecurity program can seem daunting and is often left for last when prioritizing a 2-, 5- or even a 10-year roadmap. By creating a policy framework at the beginning of your roadmap, you lay the foundation for decision making that can be followed and referenced during the project lifetime and beyond.

A strong policy foundation will help facilitate the tracking, guidance, and enforcement of your cybersecurity program. Building a policy framework can be as simple as starting with one policy that encompasses the most important aspects of your cybersecurity infrastructure. The Center for Information Security (CIS) has a great template to use when starting this effort.

Check out this CIS example of a completed Information Security Policy, which can be used as a template by editing details to better reflect your organizational environment.

As you develop your program’s policy framework, be sure to…

  • Build in requirements for annual reviews (at minimum) to ensure your policies are adapting to organizational changes and technological advancements.
  • Also consider that as your policies mature, it may be necessary to document supplemental processes, standards, guidelines, etc., to fully support your policies.

By creating a simple policy framework at the beginning of your roadmap, you create the guidance necessary for configuring tools, training employees, protecting data, and more. Having a policy framework already available, lets you build out your program to match your policy, instead of trapping yourself into writing policy based on your program after it is implemented.

We’ve got your back.

If you’re not sure where to start with your security framework and would like to talk with one of OneNeck’s security experts, we are here to help.

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