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SAP Hosting and Application Management

Your business was founded on ideas, but it runs on data. With the increase in availability of customer data, the high complexity of supply chain data, and the ever increasing amounts of data related to other business processes, it’s critical for modern businesses to manage their data effectively.

The significant growth of spending on Hosting and Application Management (HAM) services shows that businesses are investing in solutions to reduce the costs and complexities of running their own data centers, and take advantage of the ever-expanding Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution, thereby freeing their staff to focus on their core business.

SAP Delivers a Superior Solution

For many midsize businesses, SAP applications offer an affordable solution to deliver the power, security and functionality they need. SAP, like any enterprise system, can present significant challenges to business in terms of application management and maintenance. That’s where OneNeck comes in.

OneNeck: Your SAP Hosting and Management Partner

Offering comprehensive, reliable and flexible application management solutions, OneNeck helps mid-market and enterprise companies improve system performance and deliver measurable business benefits. We have experience helping businesses across a wide array of industries including healthcare, financial, transportation, shipping, insurance, retail, utilities and manufacturing.

OneNeck’s Hybrid IT solutions for SAP applications includes a host of valuable services customized to your business needs. OneNeck’s industry-leading capabilities allow us to offer a private, public or hybrid cloud platform using physical, virtual or dedicated physical servers. We can offer full database management, application system administration, 24/7 Enterprise security monitoring, regular performance tuning, and much, much more.

OneNeck prides ourselves on our customer relationships. We get to know you and your business and only then develop strategies to manage your IT systems productively, efficiently and economically. We design solutions with your organization’s growth and success in mind.

In an increasingly competitive business world, OneNeck offers a difference: We help optimize your SAP environment to enable your company to reach its peak performance.

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