Microsoft CSP Self-Service Portal Available for OneNeck Clients

Microsoft CSP Self-Service Portal for OneNeck Clients

Microsoft continues to evolve the rules for ordering and changing licensing. Changes such as moving clients to one-year terms, charging a premium for monthly flexibility and enforcing the cancellation policy (can’t cancel an order after 168 hours) require OneNeck and clients to up our Microsoft licensing game.

OneNeck continues to develop service offerings to help our clients navigate the world of Microsoft licensing and Azure. We have invested in a CSP self-service portal built on an industry-respected SaaS solution that gives our clients access to their licensing and enables them to see what they are using – whenever they want – following the Microsoft rules, of course.

CSP Self-Service Portal Basic Management Capabilities

The portal uses Azure Active Directory, so clients are in complete control of the usernames, passwords and permissions. OneNeck only needs to give access to the portal. The portal then uses Microsoft APIs to make changes to your subscriptions, following Microsoft rules. In the portal, clients can:

  1. Review licensing usage and licensing assignments
  2. Add additional seats to licensing subscriptions
  3. Order new licensing subscriptions
  4. Remove licenses for clients with Legacy subscriptions (nonprofit, government and academic)
  5. Assign licenses to end users
  6. Add admins to the portal with role-based access
  7. Review Azure consumption data within 24 hours of usage
  8. Review historical Azure consumption data 

Now Available for OneNeck Clients

Our CSP Self-service portal is now available for clients. If interested, please schedule an orientation meeting and get access today.



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