Today's Healthcare Demands Always-on Mobility

Today’s healthcare organizations face unique challenges to provide a high standard of care, all while protecting sensitive patient data. The delivery of quality healthcare requires technology that provides physicians and medical staff with “anytime, anywhere” access to view patient’s X-rays, radiology, MRI images, etc. from their mobile devices. Patients expect fast, accurate answers — providers need immediate access to up-to-the-minute data from any device they choose.

Real-time access to patient records from anywhere inside the medical office or hospital means that providers are using laptops, tablets and other Wi-Fi-enabled medical devices.  Bandwidth intensive applications, such as medical imaging for radiology and cardiology, pose challenges to delivering fast, stable and secure Wi-Fi access. Patients also expect convenient Wi-Fi access during their visit or stay for their applications and streaming services, whether it is from their beds or the waiting room. As a result, separating provider and patient Wi-Fi access is critically important to the security of the data on the network.

Securing Healthcare’s Wi-Fi

As healthcare organizations increasingly rely on mobile access to advanced clinical applications, electronic health records and connected medical devices, they must commit to investing in the right Wi-Fi solution that improves both staff productivity and patient satisfaction — and protects patient privacy and data.

At OneNeck IT Solutions, we leverage Cisco’s mobility technology to design and implement a customized approach that provides seamless and reliable access to data that physicians and staff need while enabling them to focus on the patient, not the technology in their hands – all while providing all patients and guests with reliable Wi-Fi.

Our highly-certified experts develop mobility solutions that meet the needs of each unique healthcare organization with reliable, robust, secure, always-on connectivity to improve the efficiency of medical staff and patient satisfaction.

Benefits include:

  • Always-on, robust wireless network for staff and patients across the entire campus, regardless of location.
  • Highly reliable connections for all medical devices and applications for up-to-the-minute patient health status.
  • Privacy and security protection by quickly identifying questionable devices on the network.
  • Consistent Wi-Fi, mobile check-in and real-time notifications that improve patient satisfaction scores.
  • Faster access to medical files and laboratory images at the patient’s bedside by identifying high-congestion areas and throttling bandwidth as needed.
  • Separate health data from guest access, protecting data privacy and complying with HIPAA mandates.
  • Customize and scale the solution based on your organization’s unique needs.
  • Centralized policy and management to provide uniform and secure connectivity and real-time analytics for faster resolution of wireless issues.

OneNeck’s mobility architects have extensive experience working with healthcare organizations to transform their infrastructure to meet modern demands. As a Cisco Gold Partner, we will work with you to design a robust mobility solution that meets medical staff and patient requirements, giving you the freedom to do what you do best — provide excellent care to your patients.


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