Checklist for Selecting a Managed Security Services Provider

A look inside many of today’s SOCs will show stressed out security teams who are spending more time responding to emergency issues than they are developed strategies to improve their security ecosystems.

Security teams typically rely on reactive tools that lack the visibility they need to effectively and proactively strategize for emerging security challenges. Most SOCs are struggling with operations challenges, which has given rise to Everything-as-a-Service.

the lack of skilled staff needed to navigate through the complexities of a modern network. By 2021, more than 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs need to be filled. It is also predicted that cybercrime will increase at a rate three times faster than jobs, which will inevitably result in increased spending on security.

Managed security service providers (MSSPs) offer much-needed solutions, but how do you choose the most reliable MSSPs to monitor, manage and get ahead of threats to your business?

7 Points to Evaluate When Choosing an Managed Security Services Provider

  1.  A mixed bag of services: Your business risks are unique, as is your budget. In order to deliver the most in-depth security coverage, you should look for providers that offer a wide range of services, provide multiple service levels, give you the ability to mix and match and have prepackaged offerings.
  2.  Align intelligence: Make sure your MSSP does more than monitoring and device management. Look for providers whose services align with your security initiatives and deliver integrated security intelligence that aligns with IT infrastructure and back-end technology.
  3.  Dedicated research resources: Extensive internal and external resources that deliver insight on the latest threats, vulnerabilities and strategies for remediation are strong indicators of a mature MSSP.
  4.  Solid reputation with vision: As with any service provider, customer satisfaction tells an important story. Review analyst reports and understand the provider’s vision for the future as well as the actions they are taking to ensure their direction supports your security goals.
  5.  Infrastructure and integration: You’ll get more value from an MSSP that offers integrated technology services and demonstrates abuyers-guide-managed-services deep understanding of security best practices related to hardware, software, data center and network requirements.
  6.  Manage beyond its own suite: To avoid the future cost of technology changes, make sure your MSSP can protect your existing investments by requesting a list of platforms the provider is certified to manage.
  7.  Sustainable, stable resources: A sustainable business model demands significant resources that will ensure financial stability. A successful MSSP has the resources and capabilities to invest in new technologies and attract highly skilled staff.

Defending against today’s threats demands an MSSP that can help you reduce risk with a higher level of efficiency. With industry-leading technology, OneNeck’s security controls deliver operational excellence and compliance through rigorous, flexible and accessible management services. Contact us to learn more about our managed security services. 


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