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The IT department has quickly risen to become one of the most critical and influential departments in a company. It is now the central department around which all other departments work. With a well organized IT department that operates smoothly, the  whole company gains from it. However, if the IT department functions below par, all the other departments suffer and the whole company faces a tough ride.

For many growing businesses, ensuring that an IT department has the resources,   expertise, and experience to help grow the business is quite difficult. However, with the option of outsourcing the functions of their IT department at bay, everything is made  easy. Outsourcing the IT needs of a business enables it to achieve significant benefits that help it operate more effectively and efficiently without the need of having a full-fledged  IT department.

Reduce and control your IT expenditure

A growing business needs to cut its expenditure as much as possible, and outsourcing its IT needs is one of the best ways to do so. With estimates showing that businesses can save considerable amounts with IT outsourcing, it isn’t hard to see why outsourcing IT needs is important.

IT outsourcing enables you to cut both capital and operating expenses at the same time. You do not need to acquire computer hardware, dedicate some floor space to IT operations, or incur the expenses of hiring and training your own IT team.

You are also able to control your IT expenditure as most contracts with providers specify fixed monthly charges. Plus, the providers are able to give your business better rates on products and services that they purchase in bulk, hence passing on savings.

Focus on core operations

If your business isn’t in IT, then you don’t need to spend all your fortune and time developing IT infrastructure instead of focusing on ways to improve your product/service or grow your business. Outsourcing enables you to leave all the hassle of hiring, training, and maintaining an IT team with top-tier skills to the IT provider. Your team is left to focus on key business development issues without the worry of struggling with tech  issues.

In addition, outsourced IT services are often available on a 24/7 basis with adequate support guaranteed; services that go beyond what an in-house IT team can provide.

Access to top-tier experts and the latest technology

Outsourced IT providers/vendors are professionals at what they do because they hire and train experts. The providers know that this is a competitive industry and therefore strive to stay on top by providing high level competence. They give your business access to top-tier industry experts that would have otherwise been out of reach. They also provide you with access to the latest technology in the market and support from a team that is experienced in conveying it effectively.

IT providers are keen to give you advice and help you in making the right technology decisions. Working with experts and having access to the latest technology will undoubtedly propel the growth of your business in ways you can only imagine.

Minimize risks and improve operational efficiency

Outsourced IT providers manage your IT environment on a day to day basis easily and effortlessly. By automating the whole process using specialized tools, they are able to keep the system up-to-date, verify that backups are working, push out patches, and audit the inventory to ensure there is very minimal risk of catastrophic incidences.

The providers also go all-out in ensuring there is no system downtown in case of software crashes, virus attacks, spyware intrusions, or other threats, hence minimizing productivity risks and improving operational efficiency for your business.

Future IT planning assistance

Leveraging on the expertise and experience of your IT provider, you can make some strategic consultations to determine the future of your company IT needs. Professional IT providers have an extensive experience working with different client companies and industries, as well as with the ever changing technology landscape, and can therefore advise you well on the likely future IT requirements for your business.

With all the above benefits at bay, it is clear as day why outsourcing your IT needs is critical to your business’s growth. Your business will be able to lower its costs, focus on its core competencies, and ultimately achieve increased productivity. What business owner wouldn’t want that?

For more information, read our eGuide IT Outsourcing Pros and Cons.

IT Outsourcing Pros and Cons

Written by Greg Geilman, a Los Angeles native of over 40 years and owner of South Bay Residential.

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