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The Struggle is Real to Find Cloud-Confident Resources

Posted On: September 20, 2016

Topic: Multi-Cloud

blog_binonculars.jpgThe cloud market is transforming, and it is up to companies to use this to their advantage or be left by the wayside. Moving to the cloud is a priority for most, yet organizations are reporting that they lack the skills necessary to migrate to the cloud with confidence. A big reason is that finding the right talent to hire is proving difficult. For these organizations, their move to the cloud is impeded by the lack of resources needed to successfully migrate applications and services, delaying projects and, in turn, slowing their journey to the cloud.

How bad is it?

Recent research indicates that the problem of recruiting and retaining the right IT talent is dire for many companies. In a 2015 Softchoice report, IT and business leaders across the United States and Canada were surveyed and found that:

  • 53 percent of IT leaders reported struggles in finding the skilled in-house employees necessary for implementing a cloud strategy.
  • 57 percent of IT leaders surveyed said they have exceeded the budget allotted to them for cloud-related spending.
  • 52 percent lacked a formalized cloud strategy.
  • 34 percent of IT leaders have experienced a cloud failure caused by their staff’s action.
  • Half of IT leaders have had to cancel or postpone an important initiative due to the IT department’s inability to provide the necessary resources or support

A lack of the right skills is a major cause of cloud strategy confusion, and the unsurprising result is budget overages. The failure to recruit and retain qualified people for IT positions is not the fault of IT organizations – open positions are difficult to fill. According to Randstad Technologies "Information Technology Workplace Trends Guide," on average, it takes nearly three months to fill an open, non-executive IT position. The skills necessary to be a successful cloud engineer are rare, so there is not a large pool of qualified applicants.

CIOs and IT decision-makers said they face increasing challenges in recruiting qualified tech talent for open positions, according to Randstad. Recruitment is expensive, as is turnover. Even when companies manage to hire a qualified candidate, their troubles aren’t over. With a job so complex, cloud engineers require time on the job in order to reach their full potential, but because of burnout and more lucrative offers, turnover is high. Each time a company has to hire and retrain a new employee, they suffer productivity losses.

The good news (for IT professionals) is that this trend that has led companies to offer ever-higher salaries – hoping to attract more candidates to the field. Many enterprise organizations are turning to new recruitment channels, such as developing relationships with local universities.

Third Party Solutions for the Cloud

With the challenges in recruitment and retention, many organizations are turning to third-party vendors for help in formulating and executing a cloud strategy. A trusted IT services firm allows companies to gain access to the skills they need without having to jump through the hurdles of the recruitment process. OneNeck IT Solutions provides a wide range cloud services to companies looking to move their workloads to the cloud. When you partner with OneNeck, you gain access to the skills you need to develop and implement a cloud strategy. So, you’re not alone – we’re here to help!