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You might wonder what does OneNeck have to do with the holiday of love? Well, here’s how we see it. We wake up every morning with one goal in mind – to help our clients by bringing IT and business users together, making our clients more productive, and in return, more successful.

We understand the stress you’re under as technology is changing the way we work, and the pressure to adopt the latest trends in social, mobile, big data and cloud are top of mind.  Business is more competitive than ever, and IT is struggling to keep up, making the gap between IT and business needs a seemingly insurmountable chasm.

This is where a partner that understands your IT challenges, cares about your business needs, and loves, yes loves to see you succeed can make the difference. 

In today’s organization, it’s all about those apps, and we get that. It’s our goal to give your apps the loving home they deserve to ensure they work at their optimal pace for your business. If you’re unsure where your applications should live, we’re here to help. It could be that they’re a perfect fit for public cloud, or maybe they’re so critical that private cloud is the answer, or maybe neither one’s a good fit making a hybrid strategy the best option – we’ll help you figure it out. 

With public cloud, you get the simplicity, low cost and flexibility that’s perfect for certain applications, but private cloud, like OneNeck’s ReliaCloud®, gives your business-critical applications the trust, control and reliability they need to feel secure.

But since many applications and requirements in this crazy technology world are not that simple these days, it’s the hybrid approach that often makes the most sense. With a hybrid cloud solution, we can help you close that divide between the speed that IT can deliver and meeting those business needs. It’s all about – The Right Application. The Right Cloud. The Right Time. The first step is figuring out the ideal place for each business workload, and we can help. With a OneNeck Hybrid Cloud Assessment, we can help you systematically decide where each application lives and how to mitigate all the considerations and risks associated when moving it there.

By giving your apps that perfect home, you’ll be able to react faster to business demands, lower operational costs, increase efficiency and mitigate risk. So at OneNeck, love is indeed in the air – we love making you and your apps happy, the kind of happy that only a perfect home can bring!

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