3 Components of Hyperscale Cloud Environment

When it comes to setting up and running a cloud-based IT environment, businesses of all sizes (including small and mid-sized companies) can benefit from leveraging a hyperscale cloud

While the hyperscale cloud environment does not differ based on company size, the speed of change, availability and connectivity requirements delivered in this environment can make it more difficult for smaller companies, with already lean IT resources, to maintain the required specialized knowledge.

To prevent the lean IT resources from wasting time with hyperscale cloud issues, there are three components that must be put in place: governance, automation and log analytics.

  • Governance is the number one limiter in unexpected cloud cost growth. The ease of cloud deployments is enticing to mid-sized companies as they can distribute some work to power users. With the right discipline and monitoring around new and unused resources, this is a great benefit. Without it, costs will continually grow.
  • Automation will allow admins to focus on business initiatives instead of infrastructure. Auto scaling, spin up/down of intermittent workloads and even security automation, such as conditional access, can make an environment extremely robust while limiting admin interaction.
  • Analytics is the glue that will enable admins to quickly react to changes in their environment. Without it, maintenance of a cloud environment is cumbersome and will lead to wasted time and money.

The above requirements are true for any size company; however larger companies can employ dedicated resources to manage them, and mid-market companies often must rely on their current resources. For smaller companies, working with a knowledgeable partner is crucial to fully understanding the capabilities, implementation, and then keeping pace with new features that can improve overall management.


Want to learn more about success in a multi-cloud world? Check out these resources from leading cloud experts.

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