The Future of Healthcare in the Cloud - Hybrid Cloud

Healthcare is undergoing a radical transformation. In response to the pandemic, IT teams have had to accelerate digital transformations, greatly expand telemedicine, support an increasingly remote workforce, and cope with an increasing number of Internet of Medical Things (IMT) devices – all while ensuring that their systems and data remain secured. To move so quickly, many organizations have embraced hybrid cloud.

Cloud is not a one-size fits all model. Hybrid enables each workload to live on its best venue and provides the needed level of security, elasticity, and application-aligned infrastructure better than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ ecosystem. According to Nutanix’s Enterprise Cloud Index 2020, 94.5% of healthcare companies said hybrid private/ public cloud is the ideal IT operating model and they’re evolving their infrastructures to get there.

But adopting a hybrid cloud approach is not without its own challenges – particularly in an industry as highly regulated as healthcare. For success, organizations need to have the right strategy in place.

We’ve curated a collection of relevant resources from OneNeck and our trusted partners with the Healthcare IT professional in mind to help you facilitate a more holistic approach to patient care with hybrid cloud. Access the toolkit now.


Hybrid Cloud, We’ve Got Your Back

OneNeck can help you build a realistic roadmap that ties IT strategy to business outcomes, and identifies the people, processes, and technologies required at every stage of the hybrid cloud journey, so as an IT leader, you can move forward with confidence to a multi-cloud operating model including:

  • Private Cloud: Leverage a pre-engineered solution like ReliaCloud to help you get up and running quickly, reduce TCO, minimize risk, and simplify the cloud migration experience. With a an agile, automated, software-defined private cloud like ReliaCloud, your organization can get all the benefits of public cloud, without the interoperability and dependency challenges that cause so many hybrid cloud strategies to flounder.
  • Hyperscale Cloud: We help you determine which workloads can take advantage of the full suite of services Azure provides, and then we can migrate and support them for you.

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