5 Reasons Why You Need DRaaS

Every business knows that time is money, and downtime can be costly. But a temporary loss of access to your critical infrastructure — whether it’s your data, your network or other operations — is unfortunately all too common. Weather events, like a hurricane or a snowstorm, and man-made events, like a cyber-attack, leave you looking for backup to get business up and running again as quickly as possible.

 It is crucial to have a disaster recovery (DR) plan in place today, and many organizations are looking to Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) as a way to cut costs and simplify DR planning. DRaaS,  a model involving a third-party managed service provider (MSP) delivering remotely hosted disaster recovery services, is increasingly being offered as a cost-effective option for protecting data and systems.

How To Benefit From DRaaS

Who should consider DRaaS and why? Let’s look at these five reasons for evaluating whether DRaas is right for you.  

1. You want to save money on disaster recovery.

Backup sites are expensive. Owning or leasing space for your secondary data center costs your organization money in payments, power, cooling, storage and travel to and from the site. These are just a few of the associated costs of a backup site.

2. You want to simplify DR planning.

Eliminating the need for a secondary DR site also means eliminating the costly administration and maintenance contracts necessary for maintaining a backup site.

3. You’re striving for interoperability.

DRaaS solutions work with dissimilar systems so that you can protect servers across different hypervisors and replicate data between dissimilar storage systems. These DRaaS solutions are hardware, hypervisor, and application- independent.

 4. You want to reduce IT resources spent on DR.

Using a third party for DRaaS means it will take less time to deploy than your own secondary site, and it also means your IT staff will have the time to tend to other business-critical responsibilities.

5. You want to know your DR covers all the bases.

Companies who implement their own disaster recovery site have to start by protecting the most critical servers first. In some cases, they are never able to protect all their servers. DRaaS enables your organization to protect all servers — physical and virtual —within a reasonable time frame and budget.

Once you’ve decided DRaaS is right for you, it’s critical to evaluate providers and make sure they offer following:

  • Multi-platform support
  • Multi-cloud support
  • Cloud failover
  • Flexible licensing
  • Real-time replication
  • Scalability

 OneNeck understands that each organization is different and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to disaster recovery planning.  With multiple deployment options like ReliaCloud, Azure or your own private on-premises data center, we have the flexibility to serve your unique needs.

OneNeck disaster recovery solutions are powered by best-in-class technologies and services including, Azure Site Recovery, VMware Site Manager and Zerto Virtual Replication to remove the burden of monitoring and managing your backup and disaster recovery infrastructure, which gives reliability, reduced risk and more time to focus on your strategic business initiatives. Visit to learn more.

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