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Casting a Wide Net for Hybrid IT Talent

Posted On: August 03, 2017

Topic: Multi-Cloud

man fishing with a netTo deliver the right hybrid cloud solution, a company must have the best hybrid cloud talent! It makes sense, however, finding that talent can be tricky, particularly because hybrid cloud is still considered to be in its infancy.

The Enterprisers Project recently shed some light on the strategies some company’s use as they seek out the best-of-the-best. They talked with experts, gleaning tips and advice for companies looking to identify and hire top talent. Included are comments from OneNeck’s VP of Advisory Consulting and Product Management.

This story from Kevin Casey is a must-read. Maybe it provides new insights on ways to identify hybrid cloud talent. Perhaps, it solidifies your thinking that it’s time to team with a hybrid IT partner who has the expertise on-hand.


Check it out!