Accelerating Your Speed to Market Custom Cloud Solutions

Nowadays, businesses need to move faster than their competitors and respond to changes in their business environment in a rapid and cost-efficient way. Because IT is so central to the way services are delivered, today’s CIOs are no longer solely responsible for the management of IT, but now for supporting these speed-to-market initiatives that reduce costs, increase efficiencies and drive innovation. The solution – cloud.

According to Harvard Business Review’s cloud survey, 74 percent of respondents indicated that cloud computing has provided their organization with a competitive advantage by enabling them to be more responsive to changes in the market. The cloud helps them get to market faster with new products and services, and shortens the time for new business launches. And, by leveraging cloud, companies are reaping the benefits around speed, simplification and connecting people and data—all things that enable agility.

In addition, cloud services can enable business agility by:

  • Increasing Speed to Market: The cloud allows organizations to decrease the time it takes to provision IT infrastructure, speeding delivery of IT projects that are critical to revenue growth or cost reduction. While a physical server could take days or weeks to procure and provision, a cloud server takes minutes. Faster time to market means faster time to revenue.
  • Providing Flexibility and Scalability: The cloud is flexible. It allows businesses to scale resources up or down to meet their needs. Resources are available when you need them with no need to maintain excess capacity on your premises.
  • Reducing Complexity: The cloud reduces business complexity by simplifying internal operations and enabling greater automation.
  • Automating the Allocation of Resources: Cloud simplifies provisioning, de-provisioning and re-deploying resources through automation.
  • Enabling Faster Innovation: The cloud helps organizations support an increased pace of product development that better align IT infrastructure and management costs with the goals and objectives of the business.
  • Freeing Up Resources: The time IT spends managing and supporting cloud infrastructure is reduced greatly compared to that seen in an on-premises environment.

Business agility is a requirement to keep up in today’s business environment, and the cloud is an essential enabler.

OneNeck helps customers navigate the cloud to get the right application, on the right cloud, at the right time.

What is your cloud strategy? Public, Private or Hybrid? OneNeck can provide the complete solution for your cloud journey. You will need a solution that brings public cloud and private cloud capabilities seamlessly together. Why should you compromise how you manage and consume cloud services just because? You know that a one-cloud strategy doesn’t fit every one of your workload’s needs.

OneNeck understands that any one flavor of cloud should only be one part of a bigger hybrid cloud approach. We can help optimize your workloads across customized hybrid solutions that span on-premises, ReliaCloud® (OneNeck’s hosted private cloud) and Microsoft Azure

Read our white paper, What the Modern CIO Must Consider When Moving to the Cloud.

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