7 Benefits Microsoft Azure can Bring to Your Business

Businesses today face daunting technological challenges. Customers expect uninterrupted service from anywhere and want it faster than ever. However, delivering digital applications and services requires immense amounts of computing resources, especially if they’re being delivered globally.

For this reason, many large organizations employ a cloud or hybrid cloud model. These models allow them to leverage the computing infrastructure of a cloud provider to augment their own resources. This article will look at seven reasons why Microsoft Azure is the solution of choice for many organizations.

7 Microsoft Azure Benefits

  1. Speed to deployment. One of the most important metrics in the technology industry is speed. The faster a company can release updates, fixes, new features, etc., the easier it is to keep users happy and engaged. Azure’s benefits go beyond simple metrics like page speed. It helps companies quickly create, test and deploy new applications as well as scale infrastructure and perform recovery actions.With over 1,000 quick-start templates, you don’t have to start from scratch when building cloud tools. Additionally, Azure automates the configuration of virtual machines, infrastructure management, and deployment and delivery — greatly increasing your development velocity.
  1. Pay for what you use. Azure’s pricing model charges customers for what they use. This makes it easy for companies to start small and scale up as they migrate to the cloud in a sustainable way.
  2. Flexible scalability. Azure gives companies the power to quickly scale their storage, computing and support resources with the click of a button. In contrast, when companies upgrade their physical resources, they’re stuck with them even if workloads drop. This means a large investment could be wasted. Businesses using Azure can adjust resources based on current usage, allowing them to adapt quickly to changing needs. Additionally, Azure plays well with open-source technologies, making it easy to connect applications that use a variety of coding languages.
  3. Full suite of services, fully integrated. With a traditional development environment, it’s unlikely that all of your services will be connected. This makes testing more of a challenge when it’s time to release a new update or feature, as they are more likely to break parts of your ecosystem. Azure is built with a full suite of services within the development environment, meaning that updates can be accurately tested before being released to the public.
  4. Preloaded with analytics. Azure makes getting business insights easier by providing users with a number of analytics tools within its ecosystem. These include tools like Azure Data Lake Analytics that help users run massively parallel data transformation and processing tools in U-SQL, R, Python, and .NET.
  5. Built-in disaster recovery. Azure’s cloud-based backups allow you to speed up the time it takes to perform system backups and recovery functions. You can also leverage a hybrid cloud setup to benefit from the performance of the cloud while harnessing long-term cost savings of on-premise infrastructure.  Azure also provides a sandbox environment where you can test applications in a live environment, helping ensure that they work as expected when made available to customers — reducing the frequency that you must use recovery features. This environment allows users to test new versions with live data to ensure a smooth rollout.
  6. Enhanced security. Most companies don’t have unlimited IT budgets, and the level of security that can be provided on-premises is limited to their investment and expertise. Microsoft spends over a billion dollars each year in its efforts to improve security. When using Azure, you benefit from this security investment without overextending your resources. Azure also has over 90 compliance certifications such as GDPR and HIPAA. These certifications are indispensable in industries like healthcare, finance and government.

    Embrace the cloud with Microsoft Azure

    If you’re looking to expand your cloud infrastructure or begin your journey to the cloud, Microsoft Azure can help. With Azure, you’ll get enhanced security, advanced backup and recovery, and quick scalability that fits your business needs. Microsoft is also an essential tool for organizations undergoing a digital transformation. Empower your business with analytics, flexible infrastructure and the tools needed for a modern workplace.

    OneNeck is a top Microsoft partner. We can help you analyze your business case and technical requirements to understand where Azure fits best into your business and how you can implement it. Contact us to learn more.

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