5 Ways Microsoft Azure Can Upgrade Your Business

Gartner expects end-user spending on public cloud services to grow 23.1% in 2021 to total $332.3 billion. This growth is why more companies are moving essential business processes to the cloud. And as mobile, web, and desktop applications become increasingly crucial to everyday operations and customer experience, growth will continue. How should businesses respond?

It would be a mistake to ignore the growth in cloud computing. However, before moving everything to the cloud, organizations must determine which business functions can benefit from cloud-based tools and applications — and how they plan to migrate from local to cloud-based services. To help with this analysis, we’ll look at five ways Microsoft Azure can improve business operations.

Supercharge Your Business Operations with Microsoft Azure

Managing business operations is a balancing act, and efficiencies add up to greater margins as you scale. Microsoft’s scalable pricing model allows companies of all sizes to improve their business operations using Azure. Microsoft Azure can help streamline the following areas:

  1. Responsive marketing. If you ask your marketing team what they need, they’ll most likely say resources. Teams are constantly scrambling to release the next campaign. Marketing is finicky and requires a combination of skill, timing, and marketing collateral to be effective. Azure allows marketing teams to create new web applications for campaigns in minutes by leveraging templates. Marketing teams can then A/B test different assets and keep a pulse on how everything is doing using Azure’s advanced analytics.
  2. Personalized sales. Sales are integral to overall business health and growth. Leveraging Azure’s cloud tools can help you empower your sales team with essential data for finding prospects and closing deals. Three factors that greatly affect sales are customer relationships, employee performance, and data accessibility. Azure gives you access to customer relationship management (CRM) software, cloud-based project management, and real-time reports. These tools enable your team to approach customers with the most accurate data and help business leaders keep track of team performance and needs.
  3. Improved customer service and engagement. Customers are more likely to stay loyal and purchase more from a company they believe delivers superior value. One way companies can use Azure to improve engagement is by leveraging application analytics. This tool can be used to measure application performance as well as collect data that measures convenience, personalization, and trust. Then, using Azure’s intelligent cloud, you can tie all of this data together to gain a complete picture of your customers and how you can improve their experience.
  4. Immersive e-commerce. Shopping online is an immersive experience. A customer may start their shopping journey looking for a specific product only to find that personalized recommendations and the ease of the application have them looking at much more. However, a dynamic environment requires more than a static website. Microsoft tools like Application Insights and Azure’s app service help you ensure that your e-commerce website can scale with ease, perform as intended, and provide the needed analytics to improve the shopping experience.
  5. Advanced decision-making. Data and analytics are essential to making informed business decisions. Azure provides tools that help gather, organize, and analyze data to extract useful insights. Their tools range from Azure Synapse Analytics, which allows you to load any number of data sources from on-premise and cloud locations and analyze it in SQL, to Azure Machine Learning, which allows you to apply ML algorithms to your business problems.

Your organization can likely benefit from improvements in one or more of these areas. But you may be wondering what it will take to get started with Azure.

CRM sales dashboard open on a laptop.

OneNeck Can Help You Implement Azure in Your Business

Microsoft Azure is a powerful tool for any business in the cloud. Azure allows companies to build, manage, and deploy custom web applications using the tools and frameworks they’re most comfortable with. But migrating business-critical applications can be daunting since most businesses can’t afford downtime in those areas.

OneNeck is a top Microsoft Partner. We can leverage our experience to help you avoid the challenges common to migrating systems to the cloud. Additionally, we’ll ensure your installation is optimized for your business so that you’re taking advantage of the features that will have the greatest impact. Contact us to learn more.

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