7 Reasons to Outsource IT Project Management Services

Why do so many IT Projects Fail?
Given all the complexity of large IT initiatives, CIOs and IT execs can sometimes feel like they’re flirting with disaster. And they’re not alone. According to the 2016 annual Project and Portfolio Management Survey by Innotas, 55 percent of businesses surveyed had experienced an IT project failure within the previous 12 months.

With the growing strategic importance of IT, you’re in the spotlight. To reduce risk, you may have invested in high-quality project management tools– only to find that you are still overspending, missing deadlines and facing quality issues. But don’t blame the technology. Consider investing in an expert IT project management provider who can bridge and leverage your two greatest assets: Technology and people.

 Why Outsource IT Project Management

For IT groups with limited internal resources, expertise and bandwidth, outsourcing project management can be the most effective option. The client company is provided with a highly experienced PM to enhance strategy and execution, while internal IT resources remain free to focus on their core competencies.

 An expert PM will:

  1. Get clear project definition by delicately building consensus between competing stakeholder viewpoints and expectations.
  2. Effectively communication with technical and non-technical staff, vendors and suppliers to clarify roles and responsibilities, stay focused on priorities and check on progress.  
  3. Be disciplined in planning, maintaining project integrity, controlling costs, reining in scope, reporting on project status and identifying next steps.
  4. Provide agility and be able to pivot, re-set priorities and stay on target in light of shifting technologies, project requirements, costs and timeframes.  
  5. Make smart use of project management tools to identify potential problems, adjust plans and seek efficiencies.
  6. Handle both known and unanticipated dependencies between IT components, plus deal with bugs, interoperability issues and other problems that crop up.
  7. Help the team get up to speed, shorten the learning curve, set IT up for success and avoid project slowdowns.

Moving Forward

Outsourcing IT project management may be your best bet for reducing risk, meeting project goals and achieving larger business objectives.

 With our highly-experienced experts, OneNeck provides single-source, IT project management services that reduce the risk of your next IT initiative and ensure your project is completed on time, on budget and with exceptional quality. Contact us to find out more.


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