Enterprises today need the ultimate in security, accessibility, compliance and customization for their databases and applications. OneNeck’s Private Cloud, ReliaCloud® is the answer.

Meet ReliaCloud, the Enterprise Private Cloud you need

ReliaCloud can deliver the power and flexibility of a public cloud solution, with the security and performance required by enterprises with mission-critical computing needs.

Built with industry-leading products and capabilities from Cisco, EMC and VMware, ReliaCloud is ideal for traditional applications requiring reliable and scalable computing infrastructure.

ReliaCloud is delivered in dedicated and shared resource pools from our multiple Tier III data centers and is architected for maximum flexibility and utilization of current IT investments with the ability to adjust as needs change.

A wealth of benefits

You can count on ReliaCloud to:

  • Comply with security and other compliance requirements.
  • Reliably deliver your enterprise applications on its zero-downtime IT infrastructure backed by a 100% SLA.
  • Achieve advanced disaster recovery capabilities.
  • Provide secure cloud connections with a variety of access points for high-speed, low-latency access.
  • Complement and enable existing IT investments through integration with Cisco, EMC and VMware technologies.
  • Optimize your IT cost structure between capital and operating costs.
  • Contract for flexible resource pools and deploy (and re-deploy) as your IT environment changes.
  • Colocate existing IT infrastructure in one of our data centers and use advanced services within the facility.
  • Control your IT environment and supporting resources through an advanced customer portal.

It’s all about choosing the right cloud for the right application at the right time. Contact us today for your free cloud readiness assessment!

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