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"Our partnership with OneNeck provides us with the security of business continuity and IT system effectiveness. With their support, we can focus our efforts on our passion, producing the world's greatest instruments, instead of worrying about our IT systems."

Chief Information Officer


"OneNeck employs a unique customer management model that supports both the end user and IT management. By maintaining a close relationship they consistently direct resources in a way that insures success."

Chief Information Officer, Targus


"Russell Stover Candies selected OneNeck in 1999 after a failed relationship with a much larger firm. Since that time, OneNeck has distinguished themselves by helping us to first stabilize and then gain competitive advantages from our ERP solution."

Vice President of Information Technology


"Mountain Park Health Center has been in partnership with OneNeck for the last six years. Without them making sure that the IT Infrastructure of our organization was solid, serving our 55,000 active patients would be a daunting task."

Chief Operating Officer

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Unlock new capabilities with Managed Microsoft Azure from OneNeck IT Solutions.  Combine the power of Azure with our award-winning cloud and managed services and get a MANAGED cloud solution that expands your IT capabilities for a more flexible, agile environment.

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