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Backup and Disaster Recovery

You need a backup and recovery plan to ensure your mission-critical applications are always available

Every computing environment faces threats that can cripple operations and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Threats to infrastructure stability such as a data breaches, malware, ransomware and concerns about regulatory compliance make it essential to have clean, complete copies of business-critical data available when you need them. However, most organizations don’t have adequate data backup and disaster recovery protocols in place. That’s why OneNeck managed services is here to handle all your data backup and recovery needs.

For any organization, the question isn’t whether they will suffer from an infrastructure failure, but when. Can you afford to lose $336,000 per hour? That’s the average cost of system downtime according to the Ponemon Institute. And system downtime costs you more than just revenue. You also risk losing customers and brand reputation. Every organization needs a comprehensive business continuity plan, including managed backup and disaster recovery.

More companies also realize that it is more practical and more cost-efficient to outsource disaster recovery. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is now being used by more than 75% of businesses. However, 64% are using three or more different disaster recovery solutions, and 25% are using five or more. 90% percent of IT departments would rather have one resource with a single dashboard for disaster recovery.

High-Availability Environments

The cloud has changed the rules for backup and disaster recovery. In the past, business-critical systems were replicated in a disaster recovery infrastructure; in the event of a systems failure, the system would just switch over to the replicated site. Of course, maintaining a duplicate production site requires a second set of servers, duplicate hardware and expensive replication software to maintain reasonable RTO (Recovery Time Objectives) and RPO (Recovery Point Objectives). The result is a lot of server and network infrastructure that remains idle as disaster insurance.

Every company needs a business continuity strategy, but expanding your current data center operation to create a disaster recovery site is expensive, not only in the cost of hardware and software but in time and resources. OneNeck managed services can implement a disaster recovery strategy for you, using your data resources or by providing all the data storage and recovery solutions you need. OneNeck has its own mission-critical facilities that provide high availability while lowering operating expenses, reducing capital expenditures, and shortening time to implementing a comprehensive disaster recovery program.

OneNeck assumes complete responsibility for backup and disaster recovery infrastructure, including meeting critical RTO and RPO requirements. Cloud recovery leverages the elasticity of the cloud to reduce the cost of data storage for backup and increase the versatility of disaster recovery. The cloud infrastructure simplifies frequent data replication between sites and systems, which helps maintain the integrity of your data while optimizing the number of RTO and RPO points. Pooled cloud resources also reduce the cost of disaster recovery to a fraction of the cost needed to duplicate your own business-critical environments. OneNeck is ready to take charge of your disaster recovery assets, no matter where they reside.

The OneNeck managed services team has the advantage of access to OneNeck data centers throughout the Midwest and Southwest; state-of-the-art data centers that would normally be inaccessible to our companies in need of disaster recovery. All OneNeck data centers receive third-party SSAE 16 certification and adhere to stringent operational standards, providing a secure, reliable recovery infrastructure with a data recovery team on site around the clock. By leveraging OneNeck data center resources, our managed services team can deliver the same production hosting guarantee  – 100% availability.

Custom-Tailored Disaster Recovery

No two businesses have the same needs when it comes to data backup and disaster recovery. Every business has different business-critical applications and systems, and each planned approach to disaster recovery has to accommodate differences in infrastructure, processes and business systems. There are any number of factors that can influence the structure of a backup and disaster recovery strategy: availability needs, e-commerce strategies, regulatory mandates, business hours, remote users and more. We work with our clients to carefully assess their data infrastructure and develop a custom-built disaster recovery strategy to meet their needs.

Based on customer requirements, OneNeck offers a range of managed services that are scaled to meet any requirements and budget. Our DRaaS solution is managed by disaster recovery specialists trained to protect your business-critical data and  applications.

OneNeck is prepared to take charge of your data backup and disaster recovery needs. Our services include:

  • Assessment of business-critical applications and systems
  • Downtime business impact analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity planning
  • Custom data storage planning and services
  • Recovery site planning and testing
  • Remote backup and data restoration services
  • Regulatory compliance services for disaster recovery
  • 24/7 telephone access and support
When performing a cost comparison to satisfy decision-makers, we can help you demonstrate how OneNeck managed services will mean savings for your IT operations. We will not only save your budget, but give you peace of mind.

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