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Supporting critical data that enables laboratory testing services

The Company

UniPath is a leading laboratory providing comprehensive pathology and molecular testing services. They serve office-based physicians as well as surgery centers, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities.

Business Challenges

The accuracy and availability of patient data is critical, and requires a highly-secure infrastructure.



The Challenge

UniPath’s business relies on data – pathology data that provides medical personnel the visibility to understand and treat patients. Using slides prepared from biopsies or other collections of cells under microscopes, pathologists interpret microscopic information from their patient’s body that might indicate the presence of disease. These pathologists not only oversee the tests, but they also
play the critical role of interpreting the results of the tests, making them a key component in patient care.

The accuracy and availability of this patient data is critical, and it requires a highly-secure network infrastructure, which is why Alex Bokody, National Director of Information Technology at UniPath sought a data center provider that could meet UniPath’s stringent requirements. That’s when he called in OneNeck® IT Solutions to learn more about their colocation services.

The Solution

Mr. Bokody was looking for a colocation provider for UniPath’s entire production environment, including servers, storage, networking and backup. He knew that UniPath needed to comply with government mandates, manage their growing data, maintain vigorous data security, and provide uninterrupted access to IT resources in the business. After touring several data centers in the
Denver, Colorado area, he toured the OneNeck Denver Data Center and decided it was the perfect fit for UniPath’s needs.

“I tell everyone that I talk to how much I love the OneNeck data center,” Mr. Bokody states. “It was really well engineered. The facility is great – it’s no frills. You aren’t walking into a NASA launch site, but it’s really the engineer’s paradise – from no water in the data rooms, cooling, acceptable noise level, and no outages to speak of - and our gear has been in there for some time.”

Another deciding factor in choosing OneNeck was the onsite staff. Mr. Bokody continues, “The OneNeck data center staff is incredible. I’ve been in at all times of the day, even in the middle of the night, and it’s the same experience – your people are great.”

In addition to partnering with OneNeck for colocation services, UniPath has been taking advantage of OneNeck’s OneAssist Program. OneAssist gives customers an opportunity to utilize OneNeck’s engineering expertise on an as-needed basis. Mr. Bokody stated that, “OneAssist has been a good fit for jus, and we’ve utilized it several times, most recently for network and Cisco security issues. It’s good to know we have support when we need it.”

The Results

As time moves on, OneNeck and UniPath continue to grow their partnership, but a key part of that is the relationship between Mr. Bokody and his OneNeck account manager. Mr. Bokody continues, “My account manager is the best. As an IT Director, I don’t have a lot of time to wonder about if my partner is positioning a product that’s good for me or just good for them, and I don’t have to worry about that with my OneNeck account manager. I know, if he’s putting it in front of me, it’s good for me and ultimately our business.”

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