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Cloud Hosting Myths Debunked

Is managed cloud hosting right for your company?


The cloud has existed for a number of years now and the benefits – agility, scalability, flexibility, and capital savings are apparent. Those who haven’t embraced the cloud model question its value, reliability and security. OneNeck® IT Solutions attempts to abate these concerns still remaining for cloud non-believers in this paper.

Learn more about the following

  • The myths of cloud hosting
  • Responses to the myths of cloud hosting
  • Benefits of cloud hosting

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As a new company, we needed an entire communications package," ... "I previously worked with one of the companies that now makes up OneNeck IT Solutions and had a great experience. Their engineers were top notch then, and many are still with the company today, so I feel confident partnering with OneNeck on our new communications platform.

Nate Prugh

Director of IT / Iowa Premium Beef