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IT Solutions for Manufacturing

Hybrid IT solutions give you an edge.

Global competition, regional expansion, mergers and acquisitions, complex supply chains and new business models, to name just a few. To excel in this environment, manufacturers must find innovative ways to improve operations and capture opportunities.

For example, manufacturing and distribution companies must strike a balance among several important functions to compete successfully. As the lines between supplier, manufacturer and customer blur, companies must form strategic IT partnerships to continually improve the manufacturing process. At the same time, they need to accelerate product innovation. And, manufacturers need to leverage resources while making sure the right capability gets to where it’s needed on time.

Providing Tailored Solutions

Drawing from well-rounded manufacturing and distribution experience, OneNeck® IT Solutions delivers industry-specific hybrid IT solutions, including enterprise application hosting, remote cloud managed services and IT infrastructure services.

In every case, we align technology with your business strategies. With a “configure-to-order” philosophy, we tailor every solution to meet your specific needs.

Ready for What’s Next?

The pace of technological change in manufacturing can be daunting, and IT professionals are at the center of it all. In an increasingly connected world driven by cloud-based solutions, how do you position your organization for the future?

Take a trip down the road to the Fourth Industrial Revolution with OneNeck. See how data-driven, smart factory innovations including automation, the internet of things (IoT), and blockchain are impacting manufacturers. Then, discover strategies and opportunities to help you reduce the tangle, lock it down, and move it forward.


For A-dec to pursue an IT partnership, the provider had to have high-level ERP expertise, sufficient in-house technical resources, and a high-touch service environment as well as be able to deliver all required services under one roof. A-dec turned to OneNeck for help.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Hosting for Manufacturing

Manufacturing and distribution companies need to ensure that their inventory is in place to meet seasonality demands. Leveraging cloud services for their Microsoft Dynamics AX environment offers the flexibility around seasonality needed to fulfill their business objectives.

The quality of their people, their customer-first approach and their willingness to listen, then tailor a solution to fit individual customer needs are just a few of the reasons we are expanding our partnership with OneNeck.

Michael Spandau

CIO / Fender Musical Instruments

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