Cloud-Enabled Collaboration with Cisco's New Spark Board

Cisco recently introduced a new interactive whiteboard and collaboration tool called Cisco Spark Board. As a Cisco Gold Partner that works closely with our clients to implement collaboration technology, we are really excited about the potential of this announcement.

While still new to the Spark portfolio, the all-in-one collaboration of Cisco Spark Board promises to eliminate the problems that are a result of the disparate programs traditionally used to create a connected conference room and can be integrated with older Cisco tools, such as WebEx. Cisco Spark Board works on an encrypted, cloud-based platform that the participants can use from anywhere — even from their own mobile devices.

How Spark Board Works

Cisco Spark Board is a fully self-contained system that includes a high-resolution, 4K, 55-inch LED screen; built-in microphones; a discreetly integrated 4K camera and a touch-based interface. It allows you to present wirelessly as well as conduct video and audio calls and send text messages.

The platform connects to a virtual collaboration room in the cloud, so the teams can not only save their work but continue their projects from anywhere. When a presenter walks into a room with a Spark-enabled laptop and walks toward the screen, ultrasonic signals enable the devices to automatically recognize each other, the board displays a greeting, and the presenter begins by with the simple click of a button.

And the best part is, Cisco says you can do this from any Cisco Spark Board around the world, even if it isn’t owned by your organization. This level of connectivity means you can seamlessly take your presentations to any location that uses Cisco Spark Board and instantly be ready to go.

Taking Collaboration to the Next Level

In addition to providing an all-inclusive platform, the Cisco’s Spark Board features include:

  • Voice tracking — The built-in microphones focus on the person speaking, no matter the size of the room or audience.
  • Real-time, anywhere sharing — The content is saved immediately so the entire team can share it right away and simultaneously mark up the whiteboard, even from a remote mobile device.
  • Customization — Cisco channel partners can develop custom solutions for their own clients via APIs.
  • Ongoing collaboration after the meeting — Through the Cisco Spark app, team members can continue where they left off after leaving the conference room.
  • Cross-platform functionality — Once content is shared through Cisco Spark Board and connected to a virtual Cisco Spark space, collaborators can use the same functions — meeting, calling, messaging, white boarding — on any laptop, smartphone or tablet using the Cisco Spark app.
  • Security — The platform uses end-to-end encryption through Cisco’s Collaboration Cloud.

Cisco has called this platform revolutionary in capability, usability and design, and we are anxious to see where it takes the Cisco collaboration portfolio. Cisco Spark Board promises to bring a new, simple-to-use yet powerful solution that answers the demand of today’s highly mobile and virtual work environment, empowering your teams to stay connected and collaborate in new, innovative ways.

If you’re looking to expand your collaboration portfolio and bring greater communication capabilities to your team, chat with one of our collaboration experts today. Our team can assist you in understanding the power of these state-of-the-art tools in bringing your team to the table.

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