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Transformation Solutions

with Xentaurs

The combination of Xentaurs' engineering-centric culture with OneNeck's years of practical expertise makes a unique partnership to offer our customers the services they require to remain relevant in a digital world.

We start by defining clear objectives with your team. Then we conduct practice workshops to help define use-cases for your business that delivers a cohesive goal for stakeholders. This alignment is the critical first step in the journey to transformation.

Drive Product Velocity and Improve Application Delivery with DevOps

DevOps initiatives help transform your company’s culture to one of agility, micro-experimentation, and cross-department feedback loops. Xentaurs and OneNeck can help you define your digital presence and drive product velocity, improve application delivery, and allow you to compete in the digital economy.

Next Generation Platforms and Analytic Services for Modern Enterprises

Digital Analytics helps businesses to develop levels of understanding and insight over their vast amounts of data that was not previously possible. We can help turn your traditional data warehouse and infrastructure into modernized next-generation digital data platforms.

Software-defined Infrastructure

With the right software defined infrastructure strategy, your teams can focus on delivering network services on-demand instead of spending time managing IP ranges and ports.

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