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I Can See Clearly Now - Demystifying Cloud


The cloud market continues to grow at a healthy rate thanks to increasing demands for IT solutions that are extensible, cost-effective and easy to manage. The cloud already has proven its worth to organizations around the globe, and there is no sign that cloud adoption will slow anytime soon. However, the nature of cloud adoption will continue to evolve.

This white paper explores:

  • The types and benefits of the cloud
  • Debunking the myths of the cloud
  • What is the best cloud strategy for your organization and what to look for in a cloud service provider
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Targus had no organized IT infrastructure — even at the regional level. We were challenged with creating a scalable IT environment that could be centrally managed and supported in order to serve as the foundation for globalizing our communications, supply chain and financial systems. We wanted to do all of this without creating a significant in-house IT department. We reviewed all the big players and decided a middle-market specialist with deep ERP expertise and global experience would be the best fit for us. We chose OneNeck, and we're very glad we did.

Mark See

CIO / Targus Group International