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Varonis + OneNeck

Data-centric security that delivers a prioritized picture of your risks.


Your company’s data is everywhere, making it harder to protect. Securing it with separate tools and hard-to-integrate point solutions is inefficient and still leaves you susceptible to breaches and attacks. Enter Varonis Data Security platform.

Varonis starts at the heart – with data – customers are prepared to defend their data against attacks from inside and out. Their platform addresses data protection, compliance and threat detection and response from a single pane of glass, eliminating repetitive, manual clean-up projects and automating manual data protection routines.

A Trusted Varonis Partner, We’ve Got Your Back

OneNeck has extensive expertise in helping our customers develop and implement integrated security strategies, offering multilayer protection, greater visibility and the ability to detect threats before they impact the business.

Our end-to-end, pervasive portfolio of security services, partnered with best-in-breed security partners, address any gaps you might have, giving you the confidence to face the future and embrace new ways of doing business.

Want to know where your biggest data security threats are? We’ll show you. Contact us today for your FREE risk assessment.

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