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ReliaCloud FLEX

Hosted private cloud

Enterprise data centers are faced with a critical challenge: How to achieve a hosted private cloud architecture that automatically scales with the needs of the business, but with public-cloud-like consumption.

ReliaCloud_-_Hosted_Private_Cloud.jpgWhat is needed is a solution with the scale, flexibility and transparency to enable IT to provision new services quickly and cost effectively by using service-level agreements (SLAs) to address IT requirements and policies, meet the demands of high utilization, and dynamically respond to change, in addition to providing security and high performance. ReliaCloud® FLEX from OneNeck® IT Solutions is the answer.

ReliaCloud FLEX is an enterprise-class IT cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform suitable for solutions that require a secure and compliant operational framework, as well as a private cloud composed of a dedicated cluster of hypervisors to a single tenant.

With ReliaCloud FLEX you get:

  • A private computing environment on our highly reliable and flexible infrastructure
  • Pricing that scales in a predictable manner in 1 GB increments, based on monthly usage
  • Highly-available architecture
  • Private cluster blades that automatically scale without the need for intervention based on a predefined capacity threshold
  • VMware hypervisor, licensing included vCenter access
  • Microsoft Windows Server licensing
  • OneNeck-managed hardware and VMware hypervisor

Which Cloud Is Right for You?

One of the first things to understand, is the cloud isn’t just one thing. There are many types of cloud platforms, and each has a specific use. Often, organizations will pick different cloud environments for different IT requirements.

ReliaCloud Flex.png

OneNeck's Operational Framework

The ReliaCloud operational framework is an ITIL-aligned IT infrastructure designed to deliver resources in a highly available, optimally performing and physically and electronically secure manner. Our highly skilled and extensively experienced operations team can manage your mission-critical infrastructure and systems 24/7 by leveraging enterprise-class monitoring and service management systems.

Tailoring Services to Leverage the Cloud

OneNeck helps companies successfully leverage cloud solutions for competitive advantage. We help you understand what issues a cloud transition will solve for your business. And, we’ll work with you to determine realistic expectations in terms of ROI and cost reductions. If you’re thinking of moving to the cloud, let us conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your current IT environment and requirements. We can then make recommendations on the type of cloud to use and the services to best fit your situation.


ReliaCloud is deployed across multiple data centers for maximum reliability. This includes:

  • Infrastructure options — public, private and hybrid.
  • Allocation options — pool of resources (compute, network and/or storage) or as discrete offerings.
  • Target use cases — as small as a single server, through the largest enterprise needs.
  • Facilities and physical security — OneNeck owned and operated data centers.
  • SLA — zero-downtime infrastructure and operations.
  • Geographically diverse locations — Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin.
  • Complementary services — full management and advanced monitoring of operating systems and applications is available.

It's All About the Benefits

With high performance compute, memory and IO requirements, you can count on ReliaCloud to:

  • Reliably deliver your enterprise applications on its zero downtime IT infrastructure.
  • Achieve advanced disaster recovery capabilities using resources in multiple OneNeck data centers.
  • Comply with security and other compliance requirements within its operational framework.
  • Securely connect with a variety of access points for high-speed, low-latency corporate data center or user access.
  • Complement and enable existing IT investments through integration with Cisco, EMC and VMware technologies.
  • Optimize your IT cost structure between capital and operating costs through the strategic deployment of resources.
  • Contract for flexible resource pools and deploy (and re-deploy) as your IT environment changes.
  • Colocate existing IT infrastructure in one of our data centers and use advanced services within the facility.
  • Control your IT environment and supporting resources through an advanced customer portal.

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