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Press Release

OneNeck® IT Solutions launches ReliaCloud™ in Arizona

May 01, 2014

Enterprise-class cloud solution now available in the southwest part of the U.S.

OneNeck® IT Solutions, a leading provider of tailored end-to-end IT solutions, today announces the availability of ReliaCloud™ at one of its Phoenix data centers. ReliaCloud is designed for resource-intensive applications and databases that require a secure and compliance-ready operational framework. Built with enterprise-grade products and capabilities from Cisco, EMC, VMware, Microsoft, Oracle and others, ReliaCloud is a high-performance cloud computing platform. It is designed to run mission-critical business applications that require a one hundred percent available, reliable and scalable computing infrastructure.

“We created ReliaCloud to provide a fully transparent cloud architecture that supports traditionally engineered applications,” said Clint Harder, CTO and senior vice president of Product Strategy at OneNeck. “Now, businesses throughout the southwest part of the country can run their mission critical IT services in a nearby and secure enterprise-class cloud facility. They can also back up their data to other ReliaCloud pods located in Midwest-based OneNeck facilities, or Denver beginning early in 2015.”

The Midwest facilities Harder refers to are OneNeck’s Tier 3 data centers located in Eden Prairie, Minn., Madison, Wis., and Des Moines, Iowa. The company launched ReliaCloud in these facilities in 2012.

ReliaCloud provides public, private, and hybrid cloud flexibility. Now, with availability in Phoenix, customers throughout the southwest region have the opportunity to harness the power of a local cloud. ReliaCloud is built to support the most demanding of applications, including SAP, Oracle EBS, Microsoft Dynamics (AX and CRM), data warehouses, and other critical line of business applications.

According to Harder, OneNeck has architected ReliaCloud to provide maximum flexibility and scalability for these applications through high-availability and performance capabilities. He adds, “We built it into the infrastructure architecture.”

Harder suggests there will be strong growth for next generation cloud-architected applications for a significant period of time. However, he says, “There will also be a large set of mission critical applications still not appropriate for OpenStack or other next-generation cloud platforms. These applications require a more traditional infrastructure, which is where ReliaCloud plays a critical function. It is a flexible cloud solution designed to meet the needs of the most resource intensive applications and databases.”

OneNeck employs a team of 250 technical and support experts dedicated to the company’s cloud and managed services customers. These employees have extensive capabilities in the aforementioned ERP applications, databases, and critical infrastructure skillsets. In addition, OneNeck has more than 125 consulting engineers who can deploy onsite infrastructure, integrate private onsite clouds to ReliaCloud, and provide critical data and application migration support to ReliaCloud.

“The combination of ReliaCloud architecture and employing a team of highly skilled resources makes us uniquely positioned to help customers incorporate cloud services into their mission critical application delivery infrastructure,” Harder concludes.

ReliaCloud will be featured at the Cloud Summit to be hosted by OneNeck on June 26. Click here for more information about OneNeck and ReliaCloud.

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For more information contact:
Cindy Tomlinson, associate manager of Public Relations / OneNeck IT Solutions / 608-664-4471 /cindy.tomlinson@tdstelecom.com

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